‘Passage of Lokpal Bill before Aug 30 not possible’

The possibility of passage of Jan Lokpal Bill by August 30 as demanded by Anna Hazare is unlikely, sources in the Government and Congress said.

The sources noted that the Lokpal Bill, introduced by the government in the Lok Sabha, was currently before a Parliamentary Standing Committee which has got to do a lot of due diligence before it could give its recommendations.

The sources ruled out the possibility of two bills being taken up by the Committee and Parliament at the same time. The Committee has so far heard only Hazare and his associates, they said, adding even the mandatory advertisement calling for views has not been issued yet.

The sources said the Hazare camp should “understand” the reality and Parliamentary procedures.

At best, the government sources said, Team Anna Hazare can present its draft to the Committee for its consideration and beyond that nothing else could be don at this stage.

Law Minister Salman Khurshid earlier said nobody could be prevented from introducing a private member Bill in Parliament but it should have majority support to be passed.