20th Aug 2019 #NiftyFuture Intraday Levels

Nifty Future Last Close : 11058.10

 NiftyFuture has opened a solid and sustaines at higher level till noon

Last hour slide almost 100 points from intraday high. There is no stimulus news from govt

NiftyFuture made a high of 11151.65 then slide up to 11032. Finally closes at 11058.10

Foreign investors sold stocks marginally while domastic investors were buyers

Despite good for global market but Indian index getting weakness

FIIs sold 306 cr worth of stocks in cash whereas DIIs bought 386 cr worth of stocks

FIIs sold 72 cr of index future and sold 802 cr of index options

 Today NiftyFuture is expected to open at flattish note

 Likely to witness selling pressure will be expected at higher levels during the day 

Today NiftyFuture is facing a intraday resistance at 11080-11100-11125

Above are stiff resistance for Today’s trade!!…..Strong supply zone around 11125-11180

Stay caution at higher levels!!

 Today Nifty Future can be considered as supports as 11045-11025

Once if breaks and holds below 11025…….. Finding a next supports 10990-10935

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Updated : 08.57 AM / 20th Aug 2019

20th Aug 2019 #BankniftyFuture Intraday Levels

BankniftyFuture last close : 28203

Today BankniftyFuture is facing a intraday resistance at 28270-28330-28425

If comes above levels can create shorts…..There is no strength at higher levels

Suppose if crossover 28425 and holds above 15 minutes…….Will try to move 28570. Chances are remote only.

Today BNF can be considered as supports as 28160-28100-28000

Below 28000…………. Finding a next support around 27800

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Updated : 08.50 AM / 20th Aug 2019