23rd Sept 2019 #NiftyFuture Intraday Levels

Nifty Future Last Close : 11295.50

Indian market witnessed the biggest rally on a single day in 10 years as FM cut corporate tax rates.

Overall last week Nifty was surged 1.8% during the week. 

NiftyFuture was recovered from an week low of 10678.60 to moved up to 11405.90.

FM announced cut in corporate tax rate will be lowered to 25.17% from 30%.

The govt scrapped the minimum alternative tax for domestic companies.

On Friday, FM has announced the news, Market surged from 10705 to 11405.90

FIIs bought just 35 crore worth of stocks in cash segment & DIIs bought 3001 cr of stocks

FIIs bought 5079 cr of index future and bought 161 cr of index options

This Week NiftyFuture Trend Decider 11410 & 11000

Today NiftyFuture is expected to open at gap up

 Likely to witness up trend will be expected during the day

Nifty Trend has been changed to Bullish from Negative on Friday. index has closes above 200 DMA.

  Today NiftyFuture is facing a intraday resistance at 11425 and 11485

Once if breaks and holds above 11485………. Will try to move 11550-11600

 Today NF can be considered as supports as 11300 and 11220

 Every decline can buy………..Nothing else!!

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Updated : 08.59 AM / 23rd Sept 2019

23rd Sept 2019 Hot Stocks & Stocks To Watch


(Last close : 1969.75)

 HINDUNILVR has broken life high and closes above the level

Buy at decline…….. Expected rally 2000, 2020 and 2055

Supports 1970-1930


( Last Close : 3702.20)

BAJFINANCE has finding a trend line resistance 3762

Once if breaks and holds above the level

Rally will be expected up to 3800++


 (Last close : 366.55)

TATASTEEL has broken trend line resistance 

Favored for bulls……..Buy at declines likes 362-367

Expected rally up to 380-385


 ( Last Close : 1633.85)

ACC near by trend line resistance

Stock once if breaks & stays above the level

Expecting further up trend

Which level will be breaks ?? and What is the Targets ?

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Updated : 08.46 AM / 23rd Sept 2019