#NiftyFuture bounced from my buying alert!! From 11990 to 12050. Booked 50 pts profit

I did mention in our blog Today’s morning pre-market report “NiftyFuture support @ 11970”

Same level…….. I have followed and given buying alert NF at 11990 Target 12040

After our alert NF marked a low of 11985.35 then bounced and hit our target 12040

Booked 50 points profits per lot!!

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Updated : 01.47 PM / 31st Jan 2020

#BankniftyFuture Booked 200 Points Profit Per Lot!!

Morning recommended selling alert BankniftyFuture around 31070-31100 Target 30900 30850 and SL 31225

After our alert BNF sustained 31080 with 10 minutes………

Then melting and achieved given our all targets!! 30850

Sent alert to our clients book full profit at 30880………. 200 points profit per lot!!

What else you want in life ??

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Updated : 12.39 PM / 31st Jan 2020

Options Strategy For #Budget2020

Indian market are eagerly waiting for Budget

In 2020, (Just 31 days gone) Global market was faced more issues like Iran-US and now Coronavirus

Global markets fell more then 5% to 10% in last one week, Indian market also fell almost 3% in last 10 days from 12430 to 12000.

Let’s see budget……… Did you know last Budget 2019 ?? After budget market crashed almost 1200 points within 2 months

Then what happened ??…….. All knew 20th Sept 2019…….. BJP Govt took action “Corporate tax cut  22% from 30%” (That is second budget)

So……….. Again BJP govt  will not take that much of decision

After tax cut Nifty was moved from 10700 to 12430 in last three months

In Budget 2020…… Stock market favor news are……..Remove LTCG, Reduce STT, Personal tax cut……. If all will done. Will see again new high in Indian market

Now six types strategy will give one by one. Can select and do!!

Nifty Spot now trading at 11980.

Type : 1 ——–> If you are bullish (Bull straddle)

Buy 1 lot 12000CE and Sell 1 lot 12200CE in weekly options

Max loss 5625. Break even point 12075. Max Profit Rs 15000

Type : 2 ——–> If you are bullish and Too bullish 

Buy 1 lot 12000CE at 150 (cmp) in weekly options

Max loss Rs 11250, Max profit unlimited and Break even point 12150

Type : 3 ——-> If you are bearish (Bear straddle)

Buy 1 lot 12000PE  165 (cmp) and Sell 1 lot 11800PE 75 (cmp)

Max loss Rs 6750, Max profit Rs 15000 and break even point 11910

Type : 4 ———> If you are bearish and too bearish

Buy Nifty 12000PE at 165 (cmp)

Max loss Rs 12375, Max profit unlimited and break even point 11835

Type : 5 …………….> If you are neutral

Buy 12000CE at 150 (cmp) and Buy 12000PE at 165 (cmp)

Max loss Rs 23625 (If next Thursday Nifty will close 12k), Break even point 11685 and 12315.

Type : 6 ………………> Better to stay away. 

Just watch budget speech and nifty movements. Can trade Monday afternoon.

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Updated : 12.32 PM / 31st Jan 2020

31st Jan 2020 #NiftyFuturue Intraday Levels

NiftyFuture last close :  12059.90

As expected NiftyFuture fell 0.65%

Nifty spot was closed on November series 12151, Dec series 12126 and Jan 12025

In last three months Nifty was closed around 100 points difference

But, Movements was huge in lower side 11832 and higher side 12430.

Totally 600 pts moved up and down in last three months. It’s will not happened in this Feb series

Yesterday NiftyFuture was opened at 12115 then slowly melted up to 12006

In last 30 minutes saw a little bit bounce back up to 12050.

I did mentioned in our blog on Yesterday, NiftyFut very strong support around 11970-12000

In my support zone NF took bounce back

Now…….. Indian market waiting for budget but global market affected in Corono virus!!

On Yesterday, FIIs sold 962 Cr worth of stocks in cash segment and DIIs bought 292 Cr

FIIs sold 1534 Cr of Index Future!!

Today NiftyFuture is facing a intraday resistance 12085, 12115 and 12140

If stays above 12140………. Finding a next resistance at 12200

But, Stay caution at higher levels……….. Don’t trade huge quantity!!

Today NF can be considered as supports as 12000 and 11970

Thereafter…………….. We see blood bath!!

More live market update will be sent to our clients only

Updated : 09.00 AM / 31st Jan 2020

31st Jan 2020 #BankniftyFuture Intraday Levels

BankniftyFuture last close : 30768.40

Indian market waiting for budget & Don’t do aggressive trade

In noon session, I will update Budget option strategy……. stay with us!!

BankniftyFuture facing a intraday resistance at 30880 and 31000

Stay caution at higher levels!!

BNF can be considered as supports as 30730 and 30620

Thereafter will try to check 30475

Don’t short at very lower levels!!

More live market update will be sent to our clients only

SBIN last close : 310.70

Result stock SBIN

Close watch 306……. After result stock if stays below 306

Expecting more weakness up to 300 and 292 …….. Suppose if good result

Stock will be move 317, 322 and 328

Watch at 306

Updated : 08.53 AM / 31st Jan 2020

31st Jan 2020 Hot Stocks & Stocks To Watch

Last close : 1396

COLPAL has announced weak result & street punished stock fell 6%

Favor for bears…….. Stock if rise likes 1415-1440 Can sell

Down side supports 1360 and 1330

Last close : 267.85

ZEEL finding a trend line support at 260

Stock once if breaks and holds below the level

Expecting further weakness up to 3-6% from support zone!!

Last close : 683.50

GODREJCP broken strong support and closed below the level

Favor for bears………. If rise can sell likes 700-715

Down side supports 665, 650 and 630

Resistance at 730

HDFC now near by strong support zone

Stock once if breaks support………. Expecting more weakness

Which level will be break ??

Will send to our clients during market hours!!

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Updated : 08.41 AM / 31st Jan 2020