MARUTI Fut and 7000CE both rocking and Booked Rs 23000 Profit

Yesterday recommended buying alert MARUTI 7000CE 300 at 1.20 pm and after 2 pm recommended BTST Martu Fut at 7100 target of 7200 7250 with stop of 7040

Same time I forward CE alert to my Telegram Free group (Click here to join)

Today MARUTI rocking 1.25% and I sent book profit messages

MARUTI Fut booked profit at 7230……… Rs 130 x 100 : Rs 13000 Profit per lot

MARUTI 7000CE booked profit at 400…… Rs 100 x 100 : Rs 10000 Profit per lot

Today booked Rs 23000 Profit!!

What else you want in life ??

Join us and enjoy!!

Updated: 10.37 am / 02nd Dec 2020

After my alert : #Nifty 12950PE Rocked from 44 to 211…………….

At 1.23 pm Nifty At The Money option straddle was seen at 40-45

So, I recommended long straddle Nifty 12950CE PE both @ 43-45

Same alert sent to my Free Telegram Channel (Click here)

After my alert…………….. Nifty cracked from 12930 to 12753 and 12950PE Rocked up to 211

But, Earlier I sent book full message at 90 (Money doubled)

Updated: 03.24 pm / 19th Nov 2020

#Banknifty 29500CE Rocked after my buying alert…….. From 175 to 390. Money doubled

Recommended buying alert Banknifty 29500CE around 170-180 with stop of 70

After my alert CE sustained around 160-190 almost 1 hour!!

Do you know ? In my noon update I post Open Interest rising so more chance to move higher level

I given 29500CE buying alert to my paid and free telegram channel clients

Now I sent book full profit at 330-340……….. Money doubled!!

Updated: 02.07 pm / 18th Nov 2020