Morning (07.03 AM) I did mention about global cues……… #NiftyFuture slide 200 points from day’s high

30th Nov 2020 #NiftyFuture Intraday Levels

NiftyFuture Oct last close: 11668.75

Nov last close: 11667.90

NiftyFuture fell further on Oct expiry…… traders worried about global cues

Sensex declined 170 points and Nifty fell 58 points

NiftyFuture was opened 11630 and went up to 11741 again slipped 11597 then shot up to 11668.75. Index was seen huge volatile

US markets recovered on yesterday’s loss

Dow Jones gained 139 points, Nasdaq shot up to 180 points and S&P500 added 40 points

But, While updating Dow Future down more than 200 points

US reported 83757 daily new Corona virus infection cases on Thursday, the highest single day reporting since the pandemic began in Jan

Asian markets were set to lower on Friday

FIIs sold 420 crore and DIIs sold 253 crore worth of stocks in cash segment

SGXNifty indicate a negative opening for the index and likely to witness volatile trade will be expected during the day

Today NiftyFuture is facing a intraday resistance at 11695, 11720 and 11755

If rise can sell………….. Suppose if crossover 11755 and holds above will try to check 11810+

Today NF considering a support at 11640, 11620 and 11580

Below 11580…………… More pain up to 11540

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Updated: 07.03 am / 30th Oct 2020

30th Oct 2020 #BankniftyFuture Intraday Levels

BankniftyFuture Oct last close: 24080.95

Nov last close: 24090.80

What a terrific Thursday…….. BankniftyFuture was fell just 120 points only but the volatility was very huge

Like index was opened at 24000 then slide 23870 again went up to 24340 then dropped 23791………. Again went to 24100………..Ooops!

I think…… the main reason of the volatility based on option open interest

Axisbank fell 2.2%, Hdfcbank slipped 1.85% and Indusindbank fell 0.8%

Icicibank and Kotakbank was top gainer in bank index

On Oct series BankniftyFuture was made a low of 20431 on the first day of Oct series and made a high of 24880 on 21st Oct. Almost index gained 4400 points bottom to top.

In November series……….. What will happen ? One big event is “US President Election”

Let’s see today’s technical level

BankniftyFuture is facing a intraday resistance at 24230 and 24375

If crossover and manages above 24375…….. Then will move 24550

But………… Stay caution at higher levels. There is no strength at higher levels in last 10 days

Today BNF considering a supports 23950 and 23800

Below 23800………… Expecting more weakness!!

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Updated: 06.52 am / 30th Oct 2020

30th Oct 2020 Hot Stocks and Stocks To Watch

Last close: 934.50

LT has declined 4.9% on yesterday after the weak earnings report

Favored for bears…… Stock if rise likes 940-955 can sell

Down side supports 908 and 900

Last close: 2026.90

RELIANCE were set to declare earnings report on today post market hours

The impact will see on Monday………. But, Already I have bearish on this at 2165 on 19th Oct

Now, Stock finding a three month support at 2000 if holds above the level…… no problem

If all is well……….. Will retest 2100 to 2150

Suppose if not well……….will test 1870 and 1700 for positional

Last close: 454.95

BHARATFORG finding a trend line support around 440

Can buy at declines and keep a stop of 440 closing basis

Expecting rally up to 465-475

Stock finding a trend line resistance at 336

If crossover and manages above the level

Rally will be expected…………. Which stock ?? Guess

Updated: 06.37 am / 30th Oct 2020

29th Nov 2020 #NiftyFuture Noon Update

While updating NiftyFuture were trading at 11665, Marked a high of 11703 and low of 11605

Index opened at 11630 and marked a low 11605.55 then went up to 11703 again slipped and trading around 11660 at 10.43 am

Huge open interest seems 11800CE, 11600PE and 11500PE

NiftyFuture is facing a intraday resistance 11700 if stays above the level short covering will be expected up to 11740 and 11780

NF considering a supports 11655 and 11610

Below 11610 and manages below the level………. Finding a next support around 11575 and 11550

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Updated: 10.48 am / 29th Oct 2020