Relaince + HUL + TechM. Three stocks declared disappointed results

Today after market hours Three Index stocks has declared results

All three results was disappointed.

Reliance reports a profit of 6348 Cr vs poll of 10721

Rights issues for up to Rs 53125 Cr at 1275 per share. Discount of 14% from current rate

HINDUNULVR revenues fell over 9% after volumes contracted 7%. Net profit fell 3%

TECHM declared net profit at Rs 803.9 Cr vs Rs 1146 Cr and Revenue at 1294.6  vs 1353 Cr.

All three stock will be focus on Monday market.

Updated : 08.48 PM / 30th April 2020

#BankniftyFuture Noon Update

While updating BankniftyFuture were trading at 21960

The BNF surged 850 points in today’s trade & All leading banking stocks surged 2-5%

Expecting huge volatility in next 3 hrs ahead of April series expiry

Now, BankniftyFuture is facing a resistance at 22070 and 22300

If comes any decline likes 21600-21700 can buy….. Don’t think to short at lower levels

More live market update will be sent to our clients only

Updated : 12.30 PM / 30th April 2020

30th April 2020 #NiftyFuture Intraday Levels

NiftyFuture last close :  9549.15

As expected NiftyFuture was rocked after broken strong breakout day before yesterday

Index extended gains for the third consecutive session ahead of monthly expiry

NiftyFuture was opened at gap up and slowly moved up to 9595

But, In last 1 hour NF erased almost 80 points gain from intraday high

HDFC, HDFCBank, BajajFinance, Icicibank, and Metal stocks were helped to Index

FM on media, Likely to announce larger stimulus package for the economy

US markets surged after Gilead drug lead the markets

Asian markets are green now, SGXNifty almost in 150 points gap up

 The Nifty Apr expiry rollover is at 56.78%,  The Banknifty Apr expiry rollover is at 64.35%.

FIIs bought 722 Cr worth of stocks in cash segment and DIIs also bought 78 Cr

FIIs sold little bit 65 cr of index future

Just click below link……… What I did written in last Sunday about NiftyFuture

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NiftyFuture is expected to open at gap up likes 9650-9675 and likely to witness volatile trade will be expecting ahead of expiry day

Today NiftyFuture is facing a intraday resistance at 9640 and 9685

If crossover and consolidate above 9685, Rally will be expecting 9730 and 9760

NF can be considered as supports as 9565, 9520 and 9460

Yesterday I have changed my mantra………..”Buy at every declines” and Don’t think to short

More live market update will be sent to our clients only

Updated : 08.53 AM / 30th April 2020

30th April 2020 #BankniftyFuture Intraday Levels

Last close : 21128.10

BankniftyFuture led from the front line stocks saw short covering with the index gained 2%

HDFCBANK did very well stock surged 7%, As well as Icicibank, Sbin was top gainer

Axisbank not well despite of index gained 2%, Stock affected in result

Yesterday I did mention in my blog, BNF facing a resistance at 21150 and 21300

What happened on Yesterday ?? BNF made a high of 21350 then closed at 21128

Today’s Bankniftyfuture supports and resistance levels will be sent to our clients only

Noon update will be post around 12.30 PM………….. Stay with us!!

Updated : 08.40 AM / 30th April 2020

30th April 2020 Hot Stocks & Stocks To Watch

Last close : 4998.65

BAJAJFINSV facing a trend line resistance at 5140

Stock once if breaks and holds above the level

We see further rally up to 5350, 5450+

Last close : 960.30

BALKRISHIND has broken recent top and closes above the level

Favored for bulls……… Buy at decline

Rally will be expecting up to 980 and 1000+

Last close : 287.55

Last many days I did written in my blog about ADANIPORTS

Yesterday stock has broken our breakout levels and surged

Again buy at decline………. Expected targets 295 and 303

Supports 282 and 277

Last close : 95.65

Apollotyre near by breakout level

Stock once if breaks and holds above the level

Expecting further rally up to 5%-10% from my alert

Will send to our clients during market hours!!

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Updated : 08.32 AM / 30th April 2020