Market trends after #Budget…… Must read!!

(While updating Nifty Fut trading around 11090)

Everyone is talking about budget… After budget will the market go up or down??

Let’s see technical chart & about news!!

If the market goes down too much, there will be only one message

LTCG (Long Term Capital Gains) Tax will be introduce!!

Technically….. Nifty Future is consider strong support around 10985

Bulls…. Your’s all longs keep stop-loss of 10985. Below the level

Finding next supports 10775 & 10660……. and 10400

If introduce with high tax in LTCG……….We see 10050 also!!

Suppose no matter in budget (normal budget)…….. Nifty Future will go & test 11200 & 11400

But higher levels likes 11200-11400……. Profit booking will come

Advice to all kind of traders… Trade low quantity & with keep proper stop-losses!!

Small investors……. Better to stay away!! & trade after clear trends!!

It is better to look out from the out side in the volatility market

Money can be earned anytime in market but now not a good time

Updated : 02.41 PM / 30th Jan 2018

SEBI Regd Investment Adviser : INA200009564

30th Jan 2018 #Nifty Future update

Nifty Future last close : 11137.65

Nifty huge volatility will be expected next couple of days ahead of union budget!!

Trade very carefully on every trades……….

Don’t lose your hard earned money…….. in volatile market!!

(Heard news from brokers…….. Intraday exposure limit will be ban on Budget day)


Today Nifty Fut is expected to open flattish note

Likely to witness range bound session during the day

Today Nifty Future is facing resistance 11145-11158-11170

 Above Three levels are hurdle for Today’s trade……

Suppose if crossover 11170 and stays above 15 minutes…….. Try to check 11205

Today’s Supports 11130 & 11105……. If breaks 11105 and holds below the level

Finding next support around 11075

 Bulls rise your stop-loss of 11000 for your longs!! ( SL rose from 10520)

 More live market update & alerts send to our clients during market hours!!

Updated : 08.47 AM / 30th Jan 2018

SEBI Regd Investment Adviser : INA200009564

30th Jan 2018 #Banknifty Future levels

Banknifty Future last close : 27509.30

Today Banknifty Future is facing resistance 27540-27580

Once if breaks & holds above 27580……… Finding next resistance 27650

Stay caution at higher levels & Don’t jump and buy!!

Today’s supports 27475 & 27430 Thereafter will check 27350

Don’t short at lower levels!!

More live market update will be send to our clients during market hours!!

Updated : 08.43 AM / 30th Jan 2018