MARUTI Fut and 7000CE both rocking and Booked Rs 23000 Profit

Yesterday recommended buying alert MARUTI 7000CE 300 at 1.20 pm and after 2 pm recommended BTST Martu Fut at 7100 target of 7200 7250 with stop of 7040

Same time I forward CE alert to my Telegram Free group (Click here to join)

Today MARUTI rocking 1.25% and I sent book profit messages

MARUTI Fut booked profit at 7230……… Rs 130 x 100 : Rs 13000 Profit per lot

MARUTI 7000CE booked profit at 400…… Rs 100 x 100 : Rs 10000 Profit per lot

Today booked Rs 23000 Profit!!

What else you want in life ??

Join us and enjoy!!

Updated: 10.37 am / 02nd Dec 2020

02nd Dec 2020 Hot Stocks and Stocks To Watch

Last close: 8746.55

Selling pressure was seen in financial stocks on yesterday

Bajajfinsv has struggled around 8800-9000 in last six days

If rise can sell………. down side support 8620 thereafter expecting further weakness!!

Yesterday I did mention Bajfinance sell on rise stock declined 1%……

Today also…….. Sell on rise likes 4875-4950…….. Down side support 4780, 4700 and 4650

Last close: 7101.70

Yesterday company announced November month sales data. It was not bad

Auto stocks did not well in last 3 months despite of index rallied almost 20%

Now……. Watch MARUTI buy on declines and target of 7200, 7270 and 7350 for positional

Support at 6900

Today’s Guess stock

Stock trading range between 440 to 460

Yesterday stock closed near recent top

If crossover the level………. Expecting further rally

Which stock ??


Updated: 08.24 am / 02nd Dec 2020

01st Dec 2020 Hot Stocks and Stocks To Watch

Last close: 499.65

TVSMOTOR has broken triple top at 490 and closes above the level

Favored for bulls…….. If any declines can buy likes 490-495

Expecting rally up to 505, 512 and 520+

Supports 487 and 482

Last close: 4908.80

BAJFINANCE was spiked 3200 to almost 5000 in last 20 sessions

Expecting profit booking around 4900-5100……..

Once if comes profit booking………. Stock will try to check 4300-4500 for short term

Stay caution around 5000 levels!!

On Friday last 30 minutes large-cap stocks was seen huge selling pressure

Like Nestleind fell 1000 points, Britannia fell 150 pts, Heromotoco fell 50 pts and ITC, Tatamotors fell 2-5 pts

Maybe MSCI (Morgan Stanley Capital International) fund rebalancing on month end

Wait and see……… What will happen on today?

Updated: 08.17 am / 01st Dec 2020

27th Nov 2020 Hot Stocks and Stocks To Watch

Last close: 1952.60

RELIANCE has consolidated around 1920 to 1975 in last few sessions

I think…….. accumulated around the level and ready to blast anytime up to 2050 to 2100

If not close below 1895……….. No problem for bulls. Are you short term trader ?

Buy and hold with stop of 1895 closing basis

Last close: 596.90

CESC underperform stock in last three months and stock was consolidated around 577-610

Now stock came nearby trend line resistance 610

Close watch 610………… If breaks and manages above the level

Further up trend will be expected

Last close: 354.85

WIPRO another attractive stock for short term

Every declines can buy like 340-350

Short term target 375+

Today’s Guess stock

Stock came nearby recent top 1533

If crossover the level………. Looks good!!

Which stock ?? Guess

Updated: 08.10 am / 27th Nov 2020

25th Nov 2020 Hot Stocks and Stocks To Watch

Last close: 4915.50

DRREDDY has bounced from recent falling and stock gained 1.8% on yesterday

Today focus on DRL………. Stock if sustains above 4940 and manages above the level

Expecting further rally 5000, 5040 and 5150

Supports 4875 and 4830

Last close: 520.15

SUNPHARMA finding a trend line resistance at 524

Stock if breaks and manages above the level

Expecting bulls action up to 530+

Last close: 8859.70

BAJAJFINSV was rallied from 5500 to 8900 in last 16 sessions

Now expecting short covering once stock if manages above 8900 level

Once if comes short covering……….. will move 9050, 9130 and 9250+

Can do only intraday………. Not for holding!!

Below 8600………. Expecting profit booking!!

Today’s guess stock

This is high volatile stock

Stock formed a V shape in one month chart

Stock if crossover 1150 with volumes………. We see further rally

Which stock ? Guess

Updated: 08.24 am / 25th Nov 2020