30th Sept 2020 Hot Stocks and Stocks To Watch

Last close: 2245.05

Last week I did mention in my blog “Nifty was fell 600 points but Reliance didn’t fall”

Also mentioned…….. Reliance looking very good until 2040 and every declines can buy

Now, Stock looking hot and considering a supports 2215 and 2200 buying zone

Facing a resistance 2263, 2273 and 2286

Last close: 506.15

SUNPHARMA considering support zone around 490-500

If comes above levels can buy for positional for the target of 520+

Support at 480

Updated: 08.20 am / 30th Sept 2020

28th Sept 2020 Hot Stocks and Stocks To Watch

Last close: 137.05

VEDL stock has broken six month high and closed above the level

Favored for bulls and if any declines likes 133-135 can go for long

Expected targets 141 and 145+

Support at 129

Last close: 313.90

WIPRO looking very positive mode if sustains above 300 mark

Can buy at declines and keep a stop of 300

Expected rally 321 and 325

Guess stock

Stock finding a trend line resistance at 588

On Friday stock came near by level but did not break

If crossover the level, Expecting bulls action up to 600+

Which stock ??


Updated: 08.04 am / 28th Sept 2020

25th Sept 2020 Hot Stocks and Stocks To Watch

Last close: 575.10 (-6.1%)

Yesterday I did mention about M&M in my blog. Stock considering a strong support at 597

What happened? M&M after broken 597………. stock dropped up to 567.50

(I have recommended to my clients M&M Oct fut sold 600 and booked profit 585. Rs 21000 Profit)

Today stock facing a resistance 582, 588 and 595…….. If rise can sell

Down side supports 567, 562 and 550

Last close: 1157.90 (-4.6%)

ESCORTS declined 4.6% on yesterday from 1200 to 1155

Stock looking good, Once if comes lower levels like 1110-1125 can buy

But, Keep strict stop-loss of 1075………

Today’s guess stock

Stock finding a two months support at 1288. Yesterday stock came near by level

Today if breaks and manages below the level

Expecting further weakness

Which stock?? Guess

(Yesterday’s guess stock “Sunpharma”)

Updated: 08.16 am / 25th Sept 2020

24th Sept 2020 Hot Stocks and Stocks To Watch

Last close: 2230.80

RELIANCE only one stock balanced to Nifty. Stock gained 1% on yesterday

let’s assume that, If comes profit booking and stock if fall

Maybe index fell another 2-3% likes 10700-10800……….!!

Don’t worry…….. Reliance is looking good and considering a support at 2175

Resistance 2230, 2255 and 2275

Last close: 433.70

Bhartiartl declined 8% on yesterday and worst performance of Sept series

In my view……… Current rate also its overvalued

Every rise can sell……… Ultimate target 375

Last close: 612.60

M&M considering a very strong support around 597

Close watch……….at 597.

Trend changer level hence must watch

Today’s Guess Stock

Stock finding a strong support around 493

If unable to hold above the level

Expecting some weakness!!

Which stock…………??? Guess!!

Updated: 08.14 am / 24th Sept 2020

21st Sept 2020 Hot Stocks and Stocks To Watch

Last close: 828.10

On Friday, All pharma stocks did very well especially Drreddy, Natcopharma and Cipla

Auropharma was under ban on Friday, But Today excluded from ban list

Stock considering a supports and buying zone 810-820

Expected rally up to 840 and 855

Last close: 1828.45

On Friday, I did mention about APOLLOHOSP if stays above 1800 rally expected

Stock was rallied up to 1872 and closed at 1828.45

Now, Stock looks good and every declines can buy likes 1800-1820

Expected rally 1855, 1875 and 1900+

Support at 1775

Today’s guess stock

Stock was declined from 1000 to 900 in last one month

Now, stock considering a three month support at 895

If breaks and manages below the level

Expecting more selling pressure………..!! Which stock ?? Guess

Updated: 08.17 am / 21st Sept 2020