13th Nov 2018 #Nifty Future Intraday Levels

Nifty Future last close : 10503.85

Do you know……??

I have wrote many times in last few sessions below message

NIFTY Fut strong resistance and trend decider at 10700

Nifty Future was made high of last few sessions, 10664, 10648, 10620 and 10632

But not sustained……if comes higher levels, bears comes to dominate

Yesterday NF was made a high of 10664.60 then melted up to 10490.25

While updating SGX Nifty were trading at 10450 down 50 points!!


 Today Nifty Future is expected to open at negative note

Likely to witness selling pressure will be expected at higher levels during the day!!

   Today Nifty Future is facing a resistance at 10535-10555-10590

Every rise to sell with stop of resistance levels!!

  Today Nifty Future can be considered as supports as 10470-10445

NF once if breaks and stays below 10445, Further weakness expected up to 10400

 More live market update & alerts will be sent SMS to our clients only

Updated : 08.36 AM / 13th Nov 2018

#Nifty Future Next Week Overall View. Chart Update.

Last close : 10577.05

Last week, The bull was dominated in the market and Nifty Fut rose by 523 points

Will this week continue??? Only Three working days of this week

Let’s check chart update.

Current rally if continued Nifty Fut will be faced a resistance at 10620 and 10700

Very strong resistance at 10700. There is a chance to return to this resistance zone.

Suppose if crossed & closes above 10700, Rally will be expected up to 10800 & 11000.

Maybe Nifty Future if takes U turn……… Finding a supports 10475, 10400 and 10345

NF can be considered as strong support as 10345. If fails to take support at 10345

Further weakness will be expected up to 10175 and 10030.

So two major levels on this week 10700 and 10345.

More Intraday levels, Entry and Exit will be sent alerts to our clients only

Updated : 12.48 PM / 03rd Nov 2018


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Updated : 8.50 PM  / 31st Oct 2018

#Nifty Future Weekly Trends

Nifty Future last close : 10954.30

September has been a very bad month for the markets, Even good quality stocks have gone through brutal correction. Nifty Fut has corrected 840 points from recent high’s.

But most of the stocks has corrected 30% to 75%. Even this one is not happened in after budget correction.

Now NF can be considered as support at 10880, Once if closes below the level,

Finding next supports 10720 and 10590 will be checked soon.

Suppose NF if takes support at 10880, Little bit rally will be expected 11150-11200

But if comes higher levels likes resistance zone can go short.

Day Traders : Can journey with market trends.

Long term investors : Be patience and invest valuable stocks on every declines.

Don’t panic.

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 Updated : 01.03 PM / 30th Sept 2018

25th Sept 2018 #Nifty Future Intraday levels

Nifty Future last close : 10997.95

 Bears have an upper hand……Continued selling pressure on Market

Nifty Fut was made a high of 11185 then seen sharp panic and vertical crash up to 10969.45

We have sent selling alert Nifty Fut at 11050 and booked profit at 11000

Do you know ???…… We have very bearish NF below 11300 on 19th Sept 2018


  Today Market is expected to open at flattish note

Likely to witness volatility will be continued during the day, Be caution!!

Today Nifty Future is finding a resistance at 11035 and 11065

Once if breaks and holds above 11065……….. Then will move up to 11110

But if comes above levels can go shorts with stop of every resistance.

  Nifty Future can be considered as supports as 10955 and 10935

If breaks and holds below 10935……….. Will take next support around 10875

Don’t short at lower levels!!

   More live market update & alerts will be sent SMS to our clients during market hours

Updated : 08.53 AM / 25th Sept 2018