Chart of the Day : TITAN

While updating TITAN trading at 944, Made a high of 961.25 and low of 924.25.

TITAN technical chart indicates strong breakout at 940, As long as holds above 940 bulls will be favored and stock can see further up trend.

Closely watch stock if closes above 940, Will try to move 965, 980 and 1000

Recent Positive news : Titan Company gets revision in credit ratings from CRISIL

Updated : 03.10 PM / 13th Dec 2018

Chart of the Day : RELCAPITAL

While updating Relcapital trading at 223, Marked low of 221.10 and high of 233.65

Technically, Stock has finding strong support and triple bottom at 222

Stock once if breaks and holds below the level……… Expecting more selling pressure

If closes below the level………… Finding next positional supports 205 and 190

(Must close below 222)

Updated : 01.27 PM / 05th Dec 2018

Chart of the Day : WIPRO

Nifty IT gains +1% on rupee depreciation. The Nifty IT index climbed +1.5% on Tuesday after the Indian rupee extended its fall against the US dollar for the second day.

Technically WIPRO has broken strong breakout at 338 and marked high of 341.25

While updating stock trading at 337. Stock once if closes above 338

Further up move will be continued on coming days!!

Stock facing a resistance for positional 348 and 352. (if closes above 338)

Updated : 12.40 PM / 04th Dec 2018

Chart of the Day : YESBANK

Yes Bank touches 52-week-low, stock down -9%,  29 Nov 2018. Extending its losses for the fifth consecutive session. Meanwhile, the bank said it will consider the appointment of a new chairman and fill two Independent Director positions at the upcoming board meeting on December 13, as per a BSE filing.

Technically chart indicating Three Years strong support at 126. Morning written in our blog can accumulate stock around 145-155.  Now made a low of 146.75.

Can buy and hold for long term and keep a stop of 114.95.

Do you know ? Now (01.18 PM) Total traded quantity in NSE 21 crore.

Updated : 01.20 PM / 29th Nov 2018