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We are back again……….. Yes, Many viewers requested to announce New Year Offer

Actually we didn’t give new year offer so far, We have given offer for yearly twice (New FY & Diwali)

Now……..We are announce for Christmas and New Year 2020 Offer for COMBO PACK

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Updated : 07.25 PM / 25th Dec 2019

SUNPHARMA Chart Update

While updating Sunpharma trading at 430.

Stock finding a Fibonacci retracement (50%) and very strong support around 423

Stock if takes support around 423……… Finding a next resistance 442 and 450 levels

Suppose if breaks 423 and closes below the level, Further weakness will be expected

Traders close watch @ 423

More update to our clients only

Updated : 01.43 PM / 24th Dec 2019

#NiftyFuture Technical View For 16th-20th Dec 2019

NiftyFuture last close : 12142.35

NiftyFuture has ended the week higher after a negative close in the previous week. NF has witnessed a strong week strength of 1.30% at the end of the week.

Metal index gained 3.60%, Auto index climbed 3.3%, Bankindex rose 2.3% and Media index has declined 1.10%

India’s CPI inflation came at higher of 5.5% Vs 4.62%, Food inflation also rose up to 10.01% Vs 7.80% in October.

IIP has fallen to 3.8% Vs 4.3%, however it has recovered a bit as compared in last month. Asian Development Bank has reduced India’s GDP growth 5.1% from 6.5% in FY 2020

You know………. All data is not favor market but our market still higher, because global markets has shown strength

Did you know ??…….. On last week (07th Dec) written in our blog “NF considering a very strong support at 11825, Below the level trend will be changed to negative” What happened ?….On Monday (09th Dec) NF was made a low of 11855.30 and bounced. Weekly close at 12142. NF has climbed 300 points from our strong support zone.

NF has formed a piercing pattern which means bullish pattern, NiftyFut have added heavy open interest and 12000PE is carrying heavy writing positions……… Which means bullish trend!!

NF finding a recent high of 12175 (Spot 12158.80). If sustained and holds above 12175 level further rally will be expected up to 12280, 12350 and 12440

On sentiment side, When markets hit all time high selling pressure will come.

On the other hand, NF considering a supports 11965 and 11855. Very very strong support zone 11855.

Option trader……. Can sell PE and Buy CE. Can sell out of the money CE and PE.

More live market update will be sent to our clients only

Updated : 06.19 PM / 14th Dec 2019

GAIL Chart Update. Stock broken triple bottom at 119.50

Above is GAIL 6 months daily chart.

Did you know ? Today’s Stock Of The Day GAIL given selling alert @ 119.50 (See home page)

Technically stock broken strong and triple bottom at 119.50. Now holds below the level

Favor for bears……..Expecting further weakness up to 112, 106 and 95 in short term targets!!

Facing a resistance 123-128…….If closes above 128 will see more up side!!

Updated : 01.28 PM / 06th Dec 2019

#NiftyFuture Weekly Technical View For 02nd-06th Dec 2019

NiftyFuture last close : 12099.85

On last Monday (25th Nov) NiftyFuture has given a breakout above its previous swing high and closed at 12096 gained 160 points & On Friday (29th Nov) NF closed at 12099.85. Just 3 points gained in Monday’s close to Friday’s close. But weekly gained 185 pts.

On Friday NiftyFuture saw a panic selling ahead of GDP data, After market hrs came GDP data at 4.5% worst in last 6 years, But not so bad….

IMF, World Bank has projected India’s GDP growth will come above 6% in middle of 2020 and 7% in FY 2020-2021.

On monthly chart NiftyFuture has given highest ever monthly close and short term out look is very bullish.

However on the daily chart shows some little bit profit booking and quick correction will be triggered.

Let’s see technical view……… NiftyFuture facing a weekly resistance 12175, 12240 and 12350……..

Above resistance are maximum for this week………!! Time to profit booking!!

NF considering a weekly supports 12015, 11920 and 11825.

NF very strong support at 11825 (Nifty spot 11800). If closes below the level trend will be changed to Bearish

Did you know ??………

On 08th July 2019 NF broken my strong support 11625 then made a low was 10640…….. Almost 1000 points down from my breakdown

Again 20th Sept 2019….. NF was broken my strong resistance 11180……Now NF has made high of 12160………Almost 1000 points up from my breakout.

Now my breakdown level at 11825

More live market update will be sent to our clients only

My whatsapp number 9865977321 (Arjun)

Updated : 11.36 AM / 01st Dec 2019

Trend Decider Levels updated for the period of 25th-29th Nov 2019

Trend Decider (Bullish and bearish breakout levels) updated for the period of 25th – 29th Nov 2019. Password has been sent to our clients.

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Updated : 03.36 PM / 22nd Nov 2019