25th May 2018 Hot Stocks


(Last close : 3603.70)

 TCS has shown strong strength

Looks good and and buy on decline

Expected rally up to 3665+

Support at 3573


( Last Close : 2653.70 )

JUBLFOOD finding resistance and recent top at 2670

Stock once if breaks and holds above the level

Buy with stop of supports and hold for resistance levels

Try to move 2710 & 2745+

Supports 2635 & 2620



(Last close : 642.50)

BHARATFORG has seen strong selling pressure on Yesterday’s trade

If rise can sell……. likes 650-655

Down side supports 630 & 618

Resistance at 668


( Last Close :1020.55 )

CESC near by support levels

Stock once if breaks & stays below the level

Fall will be expected

Which level will breaks ??

Send alert to our clients during market hours

Updated : 08.56 AM / 25th May 2018

#Nifty Future Weekly Update & Movements after Karnataka Elections

Last close : 10820.10

 This week huge movements will be expecting based on Karnataka election results!!

 If BJP will form govt in Karnataka……… with majority

Nifty Future will flash & rally continued up to 10950 then will expecting huge profit booking and slide will be expected up to 10600-10450

Suppose if congress will form govt………….. Non stop panic & huge selling pressure expected up to 10500-10350.

If anyone not get majority……….Slide will be expected up to 10600-10500

Usually  more opportunities to get down, but It is important to fall from where ??

Let’s see……. This Week Nifty Future levels!!

NF currently moving in a bullish mode & finally crossed and closes above 10800

NF facing strong resistance at 10950……. If breaks and closes above

Further bulls action can be seen up to 11050.

Suppose NF if breaks 10680 and closes below the level… Bears will be dominate!!

Finding next supports 10450-10500………….

Do you know ?? Tuesday NF closing is very important for coming days!!

More live market update will be sent to our clients only

Updated : 06.43 PM / 12th May 2018

#Nifty Future Weekly Chart Update. Range between 10600-10790

Last close : 10658.75

Nifty Future facing range between 10600-10790 on coming week

Chart shown NF has seen strong supply zone around 10750-10790

Suppose NF once if crossover 10790 and closes above the level

Easily will touch 10950++ ( If favor for BJP in Karnataka election)

Chart indicates support at 10640 (Weekly low),

If fail to take support at 10640 and closes below the level

Selling pressure will be expected up to 10530-10500

Expecting range bound trading sessions on next 2-4 days!!

Updated : 09.45 AM / 06th May 2018

#Nifty Future Chart Update……. Weekly update

Nifty Future last close : 10490.40

This Week Nifty Future will facing strong resistance at 10555 & 10640

Above two levels are very very crucial for this week

NF if not crossed above levels and if closes below 10347

Expect more selling pressure up to 10250 and 10105

Suppose if crossover 10640 and closes above the level………..

Sharp rally will be expected up to 10775 and 10900

Bears……… Can go short for positional with stop of crucial resistance levels!!

Bulls……. Book Profit at higher levels and if cross 10640 can enter freshly!!

More live market update will be send to our clients only

Updated : 10.45 PM / 15th April 2018

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Let’s see mega attraction

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This COMBO Package cost Rs 30000 for One Year (2018-2019)

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This offer will not come again…. Because this rate is very cheap!!

We will announce the offer for Diwali but offer rate will be higher

#Nifty Future update for 12th to 16th March 2018

Nifty Future last close : 10216.45

Nifty Fut has hammered at every rise on last twenty sessions

It does not stand up to the top…….But volatility is more!!

I am expecting little bit rally upto 10350-10450……Suppose

If comes above levels……… chances for intraday & short term players

Can do fresh shorts & come out your longs!!……

Nifty Future one week trends for 12th March -16th March

NF is facing resistance 10435, 10555 and 10640

Above Three levels for very crucial…….. Strong trend decider 10640

Yes……. The Only magic to sell up to 10640….. Thereafter Trend will be change!!

NF consider supports 10155, 10060, 9960 and 9700

Long term investors can invest little bit little for every dip

More live market will be send to our paid clients only!!

Updated : 11.47 AM / 11th March 2018

#Nifty Future movements on next week!! Chart update

Nifty Future last close : 10443

Again huge volatile will be expected on next week ahead of F&O expiry

Nifty Fut has trading between 10300-10640 in last 8 sessions.

Everyday NF movements around 100-150 pts likes 0.75% to 1.25%.

let’s see what happens on next week.

Nifty Fut next week trend decider 10300-10640

Once if breaks 10300 and closes below the level

 Will see straight fall upto 10060…….. Thereafter 9960

Nifty Fut consider resistance & strong hurdle levels 10520, 10575 and 10640

If closes above 10640…….. Bulls will continue to dominate!!

Have closely watch on above levels.

Trading tips : Sell NF on every rise…. Keep a stop of 10640 closing basis!!

Updated : 07.38 PM / 16th Feb 2018

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