Options Strategy For #Budget2020

Indian market are eagerly waiting for Budget

In 2020, (Just 31 days gone) Global market was faced more issues like Iran-US and now Coronavirus

Global markets fell more then 5% to 10% in last one week, Indian market also fell almost 3% in last 10 days from 12430 to 12000.

Let’s see budget……… Did you know last Budget 2019 ?? After budget market crashed almost 1200 points within 2 months

Then what happened ??…….. All knew 20th Sept 2019…….. BJP Govt took action “Corporate tax cut  22% from 30%” (That is second budget)

So……….. Again BJP govt  will not take that much of decision

After tax cut Nifty was moved from 10700 to 12430 in last three months

In Budget 2020…… Stock market favor news are……..Remove LTCG, Reduce STT, Personal tax cut……. If all will done. Will see again new high in Indian market

Now six types strategy will give one by one. Can select and do!!

Nifty Spot now trading at 11980.

Type : 1 ——–> If you are bullish (Bull straddle)

Buy 1 lot 12000CE and Sell 1 lot 12200CE in weekly options

Max loss 5625. Break even point 12075. Max Profit Rs 15000

Type : 2 ——–> If you are bullish and Too bullish 

Buy 1 lot 12000CE at 150 (cmp) in weekly options

Max loss Rs 11250, Max profit unlimited and Break even point 12150

Type : 3 ——-> If you are bearish (Bear straddle)

Buy 1 lot 12000PE  165 (cmp) and Sell 1 lot 11800PE 75 (cmp)

Max loss Rs 6750, Max profit Rs 15000 and break even point 11910

Type : 4 ———> If you are bearish and too bearish

Buy Nifty 12000PE at 165 (cmp)

Max loss Rs 12375, Max profit unlimited and break even point 11835

Type : 5 …………….> If you are neutral

Buy 12000CE at 150 (cmp) and Buy 12000PE at 165 (cmp)

Max loss Rs 23625 (If next Thursday Nifty will close 12k), Break even point 11685 and 12315.

Type : 6 ………………> Better to stay away. 

Just watch budget speech and nifty movements. Can trade Monday afternoon.

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Updated : 12.32 PM / 31st Jan 2020