New Financial Year 2022-2023 Mega Attraction!! Last Date 31st March 2022 At 8 PM

This mega offer will definitely not be extended

I am happy to announce “New Financial Year 2022-2023 Mega Attraction”

I have been announcing this mega attraction every year

Take advantage of this offer for existing subscribers have the opportunity to renew and new subscribers to join

The Mega Attraction is………

NiftyFuture + BankniftyFuture + Stock Future + BTST + STBT + Positional Alerts + Stock option + Index option + Cash segment + Delivery alerts + Option writing

Above all packages included in one bundle, The value of of the COMBO PACKAGE is

Pay for 6 months + Get another 6 months Free. Which means One Year

An offer you can’t imagine

Do you know ?

Normally this combo pack cost is Rs 40000 for Six months in my price plan

Now, I offering whole one year combo pack for just Rs 30000

It is really very big deal, Don’t miss it

Have to use when the opportunity comes

Last Date : 31st March 2022

(Eligibility : Min Investment : Rs 7 lakh in your trading account, Market experience, and High Risk Traders)

Before making the payment please read our risk disclaimer and disclosure policy

After making the payment, download the risk profile form, print the form, fill the form, put a sign on all pages, then scan the form and send it back to us with your aadhaar and pan copy. Click here to download the Risk Profile Form

All alerts will be sent to Whatsapp, Accuracy 70% to 75%, and Complete follow-up messages