Finance Bill to be tabled on Tuesday with 12 amendments

Parliament resumed on Monday after a wasted week that saw adjournments and uproar over various issues such as 2G scam, coal scam and the Delhi minor rape. The Opposition, however, was still not in a mood to relent and attacked the government over the coal scam yet again.

The BJP stuck to its demand for the PM’s resignation. There initially seemed to be a breakthrough with the Opposition agreeing to take up the Finance Bill on Tuesday. However, the BJP now has said that it will walk out from the proceedings of the House when the Finance Bill comes up for discussion and that there has been no agreement with the government to run the House.

Parliamentary affairs minister Kamal Nath told reporters that all financial business of the session will be taken up in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday and there was no question of adjourning Parliament for an indefinite period.

“Parliament being adjourned frequently is not good for a democracy. The government should answer and not just blame the Opposition,” CPI leader D Raja said.

Meanwhile, Kamal Nath dared the Opposition to move a no-confidence motion on the floor of the House. “Is that the right kind of opposition? Even if it hurts the people, let’s suppose, is that the kind of parliamentary democracy we want? And we must remember that they don’t like the government to vote it out. Why can’t they say that the government is absolutely rubbish, just bring a no confidence motion,” he said.

But the BJP brushed away Nath’s remarks and attacked Prime Minister Manmohan Singh instead. “When has the Prime Minister met all political parties to break the deadlock? Parliamentary affairs minister is just a minister, not the PM, why can’t the PM just meet us?” said BJP leader Yashwant Sinha.