Money doubled within 25 minutes………. #Banknifty 31500PE rocked from 300 to 696

Recommended buying alert Banknifty 31500PE around 300-320 and Stop is 200

After my alert PE sustained 310-330 almost 10 minutes……… Then banknifty dropped from 31500 to 31000

Rocked 31500PE from 300 to 696……… I sent message to my clients book full profit at 600

Money doubled within 25 minutes!!

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Updated: 11.55 am / 25th Jan 2021

Today first one and half hours…….. My clients booked almost Rs 30000. See whatsapp snapshot!!

Above three alerts given to my clients and all booked profit within one and half hour

First alert : Recommended selling alert Bajfinance fut below 4827 Target 4770

(Same level today morning I did posted in my blog)

Target done Bajfinance at 4770. Rs 57 x 250 : Rs 14250 Profit per lot

Second alert: Recommended Nifty 14500PE around 180-190 with stop of 150

Booked full profit at 270. Rs 85 x 75: Rs 6375 Profit per lot

Third alert: Recommended Hdfcbank Fut around 1487-1490

Booked profit at 1503. Rs 16 x 550 : Rs 8800 Profit per lot

Net profit of these three alerts Rs 29425.

What else you want in life ??

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Updated: 12.13 pm / 18th Jan 2021

#Nifty 14200PE Rocked From 65 to 175……… Minting Money!!

Recommended buying alert Nifty 14200PE around 65-70 and stop of 25

Same alert given to my free telegram channel (Click here link for my channel)

After my alert PE sustained 55-70 almost 3 hours!!

Then Nifty slipped and PE rocked up to 174

Sent alert Book full profit around 160-175……….. What else you want in life ??

Join us and enjoy!!

Updated: 03.11 pm / 06th Jan 2021

Today net profit in TCS Rs 27000. See whatsapp snapshot

Today morning I did mention about TCS in my blog…. Expecting big rally

Today I recommended TCS 3000CE and stock future both achieved given targets!!

TCS 3000CE recommended at 75-80 to my paid clients and free telegram channel

Bought at 80 and sold at 125. Rs 45 x 300 : Rs 13500 Profit per lot

Recommended TCS Fut at 3000 and booked profit at 3045.

Rs 45 x 300 : Rs 13500 Profit per lot

Today net profit in TCS Rs 27000

What else you want in life ??

Updated 02.53 pm / 04th Jan 2021

Minting Money!! BALKRISHIND Booked Rs 11200 and #Banknifty 31200CE rocking 165 to 300

Morning I recommended Balkrishind buying alert to my paid clients as well as free telegram channel

Recommended 1592-1596 Target given 1620 1630 SL 1580

Now…….. Booked profit at 1620. Rs 28 x 400 : Rs 11200 Profit per lot

Afternoon I posted about BankniftyFuture trend on my blog then provide 31200CE to my paid clients

Recommended 31200CE around 160-175…. CE spiked up to 300

Booked part profit at 240 and rest position hold with stop-loss cost.

What else you want in life ??

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Updated: 02.49 pm / 30th Dec 2020