20th May 2020 Hot Stocks & Stocks To Watch

Last close : 598.80

BHARTIARTL has broken strong breakout at 569 on Yesterday

( I did sent buy alert and booked intraday itself Rs 25000 profit per lot)

Now, Stock has closed at very strong…….and if any decline can buy

For the target of 612 and 625

Supports 594 and 584

Last close: 1964.95

BAJAJFINANCE has declared result with Inline with expectation

Profit 948.10 Cr, NII up 19%, Gross NPA in flat and Net NPA 0.65% Vs 0.70% QoQ

Stock finding a range between 1915 and 2010

Either if breaks and holds the level we see further movement!!

Last close: 468.20

HAVELLS now near by strong support zone

Stock once if break support expecting more weakness from the level

Which level will break ?

Will send to my clients during market hours!!

Updated : 07.57 AM / 20th May 2020

BAJFINANCE Chart update. Strong support at 1915.

While updating BAJFINANCE were trading at 1955. Marked a low of 1922.20 and high of 2003.55

Company will declaring result Today…….. Street waiting for result.

Chart indicates, stock finding a very strong support and double bottom at 1915

After result stock if fails to take support, We see further weakness up to 1845, 1810 and 1750

Suppose if comes good figures…… Stock will move 2005, 2060 and 2150

But, Overall stock view BEARISH only……..!!

Updated : 01.46 PM / 19th May 2020


While updating BHARTIARTL were trading at 585.

Stock finding a triple top at 569 and Today stock broken triple and holds above the level

( Given buying alert to my clients and booked profit Rs 25000)

Now, stock holds above the level…… It’s good sign and will move further rally up to 600+

Now considering supports 570 and 562. Buy at decline!!

Updated : 12.05 PM / 19th May 2020

18th May 2020 Hot Stocks & Stocks To Watch

Last close : 446.80

SUNPHARMA finding a trend line support at 443

Stock once if breaks and holds below the level

Expecting further weakness up to 437 – 432

Last close : 566.80

CIPLA has announced weak earnings but strong commentary

Now, Stock finding a strong support zone around 564

If fail to take support we see more down side!!

Last close : 554.80

BHARTIARTL will declaring earnings report Today

Stock was traded near by range, If break either side will move further

Which level will break ??

Will send to our clients during market hours!!

Updated : 08.15 AM / 18th May 2020

15th May 2020 Hot Stocks & Stocks To Watch

Last close : 335.15

Earlier I did said, BIOCON trading range between 330-368 in last 24 sessions

Now stock came near by support zone. Stock if fails to take support at 330

Expecting further weakness, Suppose if bounced from support will move another 3-5%

Watch 330

Last close : 569.75

CIPLA today will declaring results

Stock finding a supports 564 and resistance around 605

Watch above levels and trade!!

Last close : 887.60

After Pandemic most affected stock PVR

Stock now again came recent support zone

If fails to take support expecting more weakness

Which level will break ?? Will send to our clients only

Updated : 08.18 AM / 15th May 2020

14th May 2020 Hot Stocks

Last close : 16512.35

NESTLEIND has slipped 5.4% after the earnings report

Stock finding a support around 16450, If breaks and holds below the level

Expecting more weakness up to 16100, 16000 and 15750

Facing a resistance at 16600 and 16850

FM announced Rs 30,000 Crore special liquidity scheme for NBFC (Non-Banking finance company) and HFC (Housing finance company)

So beneficiary stock is AUBank, Bandhanbank, Rblbank and Icicibank

Infrastructure – If India wants to capture manufacturing growth then needs to develop infrastructure

So beneficiary stocks is LT, Knrcon, Pncinfra and RVNL

Healthcare/ Medical Equipment Manufacturer

So beneficiary stocks is STAR, Sunpharma, Cipla, Apllohosp and Drlalpath

Updated : 08.19 AM / 14th May 2020