#BankniftyFuture noon update. Finding a support around 31400-31450. If fail ?

What a volatility……….. Ooops!!

BNF  opened 31950 and went to 32210 again slipped to 31450. While I writing this update BNF were trading @ 31550

Till now BNF moved almost 800 points volatility

Option premium is too high and VIX up 5%

Current straddle 31500 pair trading around 370 (CE and PE both)

31000PE now trading around 60. This is to much of premium. Still 500 points away

Now, BNF now considering a support around 31400-31450

If breaks and manages below 31400………. then expect more weakness up to 31230 and 31000

Suppose if takes support around 31450………. Will check 31770 and 32000

Updated: 11.37 am / 15th April 2021