29th April 2021 Hot Stocks and Stocks To Watch

Last close: 5280.90 (+8.5%)

What a rally on yesterday and Stock gained more than 8%

I did mention yesterday in my pre-market report

Again, Looks very strong if there is any declines can buy

Expected rally 5350, 5385 and 5450+

Supports 5230 and 5150

Last close: 10489.30 (+3.9%)

BAJAJFINSV announced earnings report on during market hours

Report was not bad

Today watch 10620……… If sustains above the level (Catch above the level only)

Expecting further rally up to 10750, 10870 and 11000

Last close: 645.80 (+14%)

Yesterday I did mention about this stock in my pre-market report

Stock gained 14%………. Again looks very hot

Can buy……… expecting short covering up to 665+

Supports 633 and 620

Today’s guess stock

Stock finding a one week top at 260

If crossover the level……… Expecting further rally

Which stock ??

Updated: 08.27 am / 29th April 2021