29th April 2020 #BankniftyFuture Intraday Levels

BankniftyFuture last close : 20676.10 (+2.80%)

In last two session BNF did performed very well, Gained 5.80%

Kotakbank, Icicibank, Axisbank, and Indusindbank given more power to BNF index

 HDFCBank not well entire this series. Suppose if hdfcbank contributed to index, Maybe bank index added another 1000 points.

Yesterday AXISBank was declared result, Not bad

Today Bankniftyfuture is facing a intraday resistance at 20820 and 20960

Once if breaks 20960 and holds above the level, Finding a next resistance at 21150 and 21300.

(Overall : Techinically BNF indicates strong resistance zone around 21150-21300.

If all is well and closes above 21300…….expecting another 1000-1500 points rally)

Today BNF considering a support around 20600, 20520 and 20400

Below 20400……… Finding a next support around 20150.

More live market update will be sent to our clients only

Last close : 468.05

Indusindbank has climbed 15%, Traders thought was “Result not good then why rose”

U know ?……. In stock market bad news is good news

Rally will be continue up to 480 and 495.

Updated : 08.28 AM / 29th April 2020