25th Nov 2022 #BankniftyFuture intraday levels and pre-market reports

BankniftyFuture Nov last close: 43045.60 (+0.7%)
Dec last close: 43284.25 (+0.7%)

On Thursday, BNF was gained 0.7% and ended all time high
BNF was opened 42850 and sustained 42900-43000
In the last 30 minutes BNF was spiked from 42900 to 43075
PSUBank index climbed around 1.5%
Icicibank did well
Axisbank and Indusindbank seen marginally selling pressure
VIX ends around 13.50

Banknifty Dec Future was ended with a premium of around 250 points
BNF formed a bullish candle on Nov 24
However, BNF is facing a intraday resistance 43350 and 43400
If breaks and manages above 43400 will try to move 43550

On other hand, BNF can be considered as supports as 43280, 43200 and 43050

Updated: 08.41 am / 25th Nov 2022