20th Dec 2022 #BankniftyFuture Intraday Levels and Pre-Market Reports

BankniftyFuture last close: 43534.80 (+0.6%)

On Monday, BankniftyFuture was seen highly volatile with positive bias
BNF was opened 43375 and made a low of 43235 then spiked up to 43565
BNF was gained 0.6%
Option premium was seen very low due to low VIX
As per open interest 43500CE and 44000CE was seen highest OI
PE side 43300PE and 43200PE seen high OI

Today’s BankniftyFuture supports and resistance levels will be sent to my clients as well as free telegram channel : https://t.me/FlyingcallsArjun

Updated : 08.33 am / 20th Dec 2022