08th March 2021 Hot Stocks and Stocks To Watch

Last close: 748.95

ADANIPORTS looks very hot and stock considering support around 740-750

Stock if sustains above 750, rally will be expected 766

Thereafter will try to move 774 and 785

If there is any declines can buy!!

Last close: 909.90

ADANIENT was surged 118 to 910 from March 2020 to so far. Gained almost 670% in last 1 year

Now, stock was seen highly volatility and stock if sustains above 940

Expecting further rally……….. if closes above 945……..will try to move 1000 above for shortly!!

Support around 888 and 870. If closes below 870……. Avoid long

Today’s guess stock

Stock trading nearby support zone around 1096

Stock if breaks and holds below the level

Expecting further weakness!!

Which stock ? Guess

Updated: 08.15 am / 08th March 2021