07th Dec 2022 #BankniftyFuture Intraday Levels and Pre-Market Reports

BankniftyFuture last close: 43457.80 (-0.2%)

On Tuesday, BankniftyFuture was seen very range trade
BNF was opened 43380 and went to 34560 finally ended at 43458
PSUBanks rallied around 1.5%
PSUBank index was outperform more in the more than 1 month
VIX slightly increased to 14 from 13.50
Option premium sustained due to RBI policy

As per open interest 43000PE was seen highest OI
CE side 43200 and 43400 added more OI which was indicating another range ?
However, BNF is facing a intraday resistance 43525 and 43600
After RBI Policy, If sustains above 43600 will try to check 43750
Stay caution at higer levels!!

On other side, BNF can be considered as supports as 43400, 43330 and 43200
After policy, if sustains below 43200 finding a next support around 43000

Updated: 08.34 am / 07th Dec 2022