04th June 2021 Hot Stocks and Stocks To Watch

Last close: 1691.20 (+6.7%)

TITAN has broken strong breakout at 1620 and stock gained 7%

(I have recommended buying alert @ 1625 and achieved target)

Favored for bulls, If there is any declines can buy!!

Expected rally 1725 and 1750+ (positional). Supports 1660 and 1635

Last close: 3425.65 (+4.6%)

My favorite stock Apollohospital and I recommended delivery alert at 3200-3250 few days back to my clients

Now stock rose more than 7% from my alert

Again stock looks very hot…….. If there is any declines can buy and hold

Expected positional rally up to 3800 and 4000+

Supports for positional 3350 and 3275

Stock ready to fly……….. Once if break 578

Which stock……… ( clue: life insurance stock)……… Guess

(Yesterday also given same but didn’t break given alert)

Updated: 08.21 am / 04th June 2021