29th Dec 2017 #NiftyFuture update

Nifty Future Dec last close :  10489.95

Jan last close : 10517.90


Today Nifty Future is expected to Flattish note

Likely to witness side ways trade during the day!!

  Today Nifty Future is facing resistance 10530-10560

Nifty Future was struggled around 10530-10560 in last Three sessions!!

Once if breaks 10560 and holds above the level…….. We see more strength!!

  Today Nifty Future is consider supports 10490-10470-10440

Decline to go longs with stop of 10440…….

         More live market update & alerts send to our clients during market hours!! 

Updated : 08.57 AM / 29th Dec 2017


29th Dec 2017 #Banknifty Future levels

Banknifty Future last close : 25548.05

Banknifty Jan series closes with premium of 55 points!!

Today Banknifty Future is facing resistance 25580-25630

If crossover 25630……… Try to check 25700……. Don’t jump and buy!!

Today’s supports 25500-25450……….. There after will check 25370

More live market update to our clients only

BOI consider support at 168

Closely eye on support level

SBIN consider strong support around 304-300

Bulls keep stop of above levels & go longs!!

Updated : 08.53 AM / 29th Dec 2017



29th Dec 2017 Hot Calls


( Last Close: 202.45 )

JINDALSTEL has shown strong strength

Yes……..160 to 205 on last Nine sessions!!

Now facing resistance 203…… If stays above will move 209-212

Supports 200-197


( Last Close: 275.25 )

HINDALCO has finding strong breakout at 279

Stock once if breaks & holds above the level

Rally will be expected up to 283 & 285

Support at 275 (After broken 279)


( Last close : 816.90 )

JETAIRWAYS has seen strong rally on last Two f&o series (Nov and Dec)

Yes…….470 to 832………Rally will be continue Jan series ??

Now facing resistance 832……….. There after 845+

Support at 800……. Next support around ??


( Last Close : 772.15)

ESCORTS near by breakout

Stock once if breaks & stays above the level

Rally will be expected

Which level will breaks ??

Send alert to our clients during market hours

Updated : 08.43 AM / 29th Dec 2017