India’s GDP grows 7.3% in September quarter

gdp 1

Q2 FY17 GDP at 7.3% vs 7.6% YoY (vs 7.1% QoQ)

Q2 FY17 GVA at 7.1% vs 7.3% YoY (vs 7.3% QoQ)

Q2 FY17 farm growth at 3.3% vs 2% YoY

 Manufacturing sector growth at 7.1% vs 9.2% YoY

Mining sector growth at -1.5% vs 5% YoY

Public administration, defence sector growth at 12.5% vs 6.9% YoY

Construction sector growth at 3.5% vs 0.8% YoY

Financial, real estate sector growth at 8.2% vs 11.9% YoY

Trade, hotels sector growth at 7.1% vs 6.7% YoY

Electricity sector growth at 3.5% vs 7.5% YoY

Industry growth at 5.2% vs 6.3% YoY

Services growth at 8.9% vs 9% YoY

30th Nov 2016 Nifty Future Update

Nifty Future last close : 8172.05

 Yesterday Nifty Future was traded very range on first half

NF was slide little bit on second half………with low volume!!

We have written boldly “Nifty Future strong Resistance at 8225” Made a high of 8219.90

Then slide and made a low of 8147…….. Finally closes at 8172.05

Not send any alerts of NF ahead of Range bound session

FII’s net buy 615 crore in Index Future and net sell 715 crore in cash segment


 Today Nifty Future is facing Resistance 8195-8225

Strong Resistance around 8225 (Spot 8210)……… Once if breaks & stays above the level

We see more strength up to 8255 & 8285

Today’s Supports 8150 & 8130

Below 8130………… More selling pressure will be expected up to 8090

 More live market update, Entry, and Exit levels send to our clients only


Updated : 08.43 AM / 30th Nov 2016

30th Nov 2016 Banknifty Future levels

banknifty fut 1

Banknifty Future last close : 18291.80

Today Banknifty Future is facing Resistance 18360-18450

Once if breaks 18450 and stays above the level

Finding next Resistance around 18565……… But stay caution at higher levels

Today’s Supports 18250-18200

BNF Strong support at 18200 (spot 18143)……….

Below the level………. we see more panic up to 18075 & 17920

More live market update to our clients only

Updated : 08.38 AM / 30th Nov 2016