30th Oct 2016 Nifty Future update (Muhurat session)


 Nifty Future Oct last close : 8667.40 


Nifty Future is expected to open flattish note & likely to witness selling pressure will be expected

Nifty Future facing Resistance 8670-8700

Above levels are very hurdle and crucial……… Go short at higher level

Today’s Supports 8655 & 8645

Below 8645…………. Finding next support at 8625

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Updated : 05.15 PM / 30th Oct 2016

30th Oct 2016 Hot Calls (Muhurat session)



jubl life science

( Last Close: 689.35)

JUBLIANT Looking very hot

Closely watch 700 level………. Once if breaks the level

We see Rally up to 712 & 720 levels!!

Short term will move 800+



( Last Close : 997.50 )

INFY broken strong support level & Closes below 1000 mark

Favor for Bears………. Can do shorts 997-1002

Down side supports 985 & 978



(Last Close : 423.05)

JUSTDIAL recent support at 417

Closely watch 417 level………. If breaks & stays below the level

We see next supports 410 & 400



( Last Close : 941.05 )

BEML now near by Recent Top

Once if breaks & stays above the level

Rally will be expected up to ??

Which level will be breaks ??

Clients special call

Diwali crack 1

Updated : 05.07 PM / 30th Oct 2016

Nifty Future chart update……. Trend Decider 8700 & 8545


Nifty Future last close : 8667.40

Above is last Three months intraday chart of Nifty Future

 Nifty Future this week (30th Oct-04th Nov) Trend Decider 8700 & 8545

NF 5th Top-line connecting around 8700, Means……. stop of 8700 for shorts!!

Once if breaks & Closes above 8700…. Try to move 8750 & 8840 levels!!

NF down side strong supports around 8505-8545

Suppose if not takes support……….will slide up to 8420 & 8330 levels

So…….. Traders closely eye on 8700 & 8545!!!

More Live Market update to our clients only

Updated : 11.07 AM / 30th Oct 2016

Flyingcalls Wishes…… Happy Diwali to all our clients & viewers!!


Wishing that this DIWALI brings Prosperity to your Business

and more opportunity for us to work together!!!

Wishing you & your family a sparkling DIWALI……..!!

May your life take off like a Rocket……..


Thanks & Regards


Safety Tips during Diwali festival……… Do’s & Don’ts

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  •  Burst crackers in open spaces like playgrounds and fields.
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