01st July’14 Hot Calls


Our Site server & Chart server upgrade to New Fastest server

Right now process on going on

So before upgrade we updated some Hot calls for 1st July’14

Touch with me we will back soon!!!

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Flyingcalls Team / TN



MOTHERSUMI Looking very very HOT now

Closely watch on 327……….. Once if crossover the level

Will move 332, 335 Thereafter will kiss 350+

Keep tight stop-loss ??



TATACOMM Crossed strong Breakout level 392

Again can Buy around 392………..

Expected Target 400, 410!!!

Tight stop-loss sent to our clients



SYNDIBANK consider Resistance 178

Can Buy around 173……..

Hold for Targets 178 & 182 levels



TATACHEM Ready to Big Move

Once if cross the level…….

Which level will be cross ???

Clients special call!!!!

Updated : 08.37pm / 30th June’14

30th June’14 Nifty Future Update

monday 14

NIFTY  FUTURE  Closed : 7544


Friday Nifty Future was traded Range only

Made a high of 7569 and Low of 7512.30 then closed 7544

We have Recommend Selling alerts & Stop-loss triggered 20 points!!!



This week Trend Decider 7465 & 7665

Today’s Nifty Future facing Resistance 7560

If crossover the level……… will move 7575, again if sustains above the level

We see Rock upto 7600++…………

support 2Today’s Supports 7525 & 7510……….. Thereafter Panic on the card upto 7480 levels

Lower levels can create Fresh buying with stop-loss of ???

101% Live market update to our clients only…….

Updated : 08.33am / 30th June’14

30th June’14 Banknifty Future levels

banknifty future 3

Banknifty Future closed : 15140

Today’s Banknifty Future facing Resistance 15200

Once if stays above the level will move 15260….. Thereafter 15350 will kiss

Today’s Supports 15085 & 15020 levels………..

Strong supports around 14900………. Thereafter who will save BNF ??

More live markets update to our clients only


YESBANK Consider support 525

If fail to take support………. will check 518 & 513 levels

Risky can buy around 528 & Keep stop-loss 525!!!

Updated : 08.30am / 30th June’14

30th June’14 Hot Calls



CESC Friday Recommend Hot buy @ 643 and closed 653

Today Once if cross 657

We see Rally upto 664, and 672 levels

Keep tight stop-loss ??



 TECHM last few days before we Recommend at 2050

Now Rocked 2120……..

Again can buy around 2100

Hold for Target of 2140 & 2160 levels



TATACOMM now Ready to Blast

  Once if cross the level……….. will move 5% from our alert

Which level will be break ??

Clients special call



MCLEODRUSS now near by Strong breakout level

Today once if Breaks the level

We see Non stop Rally upto 10 to 15 points!!!

Which level will be break??

Clients special call