HNI Call M&M Slide after our Alert !!!


Today’s HNI & HOT CALL M&M 

We gave Sell Call alert to our HNI Clients  M&M FUT @ 850 Target 844 Stop-loss 853

After our Sell call Slide upto 841 level

Our Target Achieved 844.

Rs 6 Profit Per Lot……..

Hot Call clients also Booked Profit, We gave Sell call in Cash segment

( Updated : 12.17pm / 28th March )

28th March Nifty Future Update

thursday 5

NIFTY  FUTURE closed 5640

We have boldly written on Tuesday ” Nifty Future Resistance 5660 ”

Almost Three hours traded 5640 to 5655, But not crossed our Resistance level !!!

We gave Sell Call @ 5647 our stop-loss just 13 Points Target given 5620

After our sell Made high was 5658.80(Just missed our stop-loss) & Exact our Target Achieved

Then Closed 5640


Today also we have not change the Levels

Yes, Nifty Future Resistance 5660 if stays above the level 5690 next level…..

Today’s Support 5620 & 5590, Lower level hurdle  ??? Thereafter Free Fall

 More Live Market update to our clients only

Updated : 08.56am / 28th March

28th March Banknifty Future levels


Banknifty Future closed 11158

Today’s Banknifty Future facing Resistance 11220 if stays above the level

With volume 11275 & 11320 next Resistance level….

Today’s Support 11040 if trade below the level

With volume next supports 10960 & 10900 levels…..

More live Market update to our clients only

Updated : 08.53am / 28th March

28th March Hot Calls



AXISBANK Trading Range 1282 to 1320 in past many session

Today closely watch on support

If break & Stays below the level

More Panic will be expected !!!

Alert : If close below 1280 continue Two Days ultimate Target 1150



STAR ( STRIDES ACROLAB ) Trades strong support level

Today once if break the level

Free Fall on the Card !!!

Which level will be break ??

Join us



GODREJIND trades near by Resistance level

Resistance ?? Intraday Players can play with Keep stop-loss of Resistance level

If cross the Resistance Rally will be expected !!

Clients special call



SUNPHARMA Today once if cross the level

Huge short covering will be expected !!

Which level will be break ???

Join us

Updated : 08.48am / 28th March


Just Refresh your Mind……. Flashback

Just Refresh you Mind…….

So many Stocks Free Fall after our Alert just see below

18th March we have updated Nifty Future @ 5960 Sell Sell With stop-loss of 5990

See now Trades 5640……. in between gap our clients Booked almost 200 Points Profit

BHEL Alert given @ 195 (19th March ) our ultimate Target 170 now trading 176

ADANIENT alert given @ 245 ( 15th March ) now trading 190

BANKNIFTY FUTURE Alert given @ 12145 ( 14th March ) now trading 11070

CANBANK alert given @ 408 (19th March) now 358

BATAINDIA alert given 823 (19th March) now 710

Above are just sample of our calls

If you having any doubt see Right side categories wise report visit & check…..

Updated : 03.11pm / 26th March

Nifty Future hurdle 5660 & Just Missed our Stop-loss


Today Morning boldly we have wrote Nifty Future Resistance 5660

See Nifty Future Marked high 5658.80, Low 5619.55, cmp 5632

We gave Sell Call Nifty Future @ 5647 Our Stop-loss 5660 Target 5620 & 5600

After our Alert Nifty Future Marked high 5658.80 but not Crossed 5660 level

( Just missed 1.20 pts)

Our 1st Target Achieved 5620…….

How is our Power Of Chart ?

Updated : 01.53pm / 26th March

SBIN & LT slide from our Alert !!!



Yesterday & Today we have updated SBIN in our Hot Calls list

Today also we gave Sell Call SBIN FUT  @ 2045

After our Sell call Slide upto 2026 level

Again sell on Rise Ultimate Target 1950


Today’s Morning we have updated Clients Special call LT

We gave Sell call LT @ 1350 after our alert

Gently came down upto 1337

Our Target 1320, Positional Target 1270

Updated : 01.25pm / 26th March

26th March Nifty Future update


NIFTY  FUTURE closed 5645


Friday & Yesterday we have wrote Nifty Future Resistance 5720

Both days not crossed our level, Yesterday Marked high was 5717

We gave Sell Call Nifty Future @ 5711 our Stop-loss was 5720

Same time we have updated in our Blog

After our Sell Call Nifty Future Slide upto 5633.90……

How is our Power of Chart ???


Today’s Nifty Future Support 5630 if trade below the level with Volume

Next support level 5590 & 5575, Minor hurdle level 5575 around

Again if sustain below 5575, Then 5535 around Major support……..

Last & Final hope 5535 around…. Thereafter will see REAL PANIC upto 150 Points

Today’s Resistance 5660 & 5690 levels.

 More Live Market update to our clients only

Updated : 08.55am / 26th March

26th March Banknifty Future levels


Banknifty Future Closed 11144

Today’s Banknifty Future facing support 11110 Once if break & Trade below the level

Next support 11040 & 10960 next supports…..

Today’s Nifty Future Resistance 111180 if stays above the level

Will check 11240 & 11300 levels…..

Again higher level Selling chance !!!

Updated : 08.48am / 26th March