31st Aug Nifty Future update


NIFTY FUTURE closed  5330


Yesterday also we have updated 5260 support

Low Marked 5258 then Rocked upto 5340 level…… then closed 5330 level

Yesterday huge volatile Market….. so we have not given any call to our clients !!!

Our Motto is if Clear trend or if Confident then only we produce calls.



Today’s Nifty Future Resistance 5340 if stays above the level with Volume

Move further upto 5360 & 5375 level…….

If not cross 5340 if trade below 5310 next support @ 5285 & 5260 level

Again if trade below 5260 with volume will see slide upto 5220 level

 More update to our clients only !!!

Live Market update on Twitter follo us: flying calls

Updated : 09.11pm / 31st aug

31st Aug Hot Calls


POWERGRID looking very HOT

Closely watch on 123 level, If cross the level

Zoom upto 127, 130….


RECLTD Trades strong support level near

Can buy with tight stop loss……. If break the support level

Will Fall upto 5% more……… Magic figure is ??

Clients special !!!


Yesterday & Today same call MCDOWELL

Today look @ 996, If cross the level Will see Four Digit Mark Today

Target 1020, 1035 level


Another HOT CALL Sunpharma

If break the level…….. Non stop rally will be expected !!!

Which level……. Only our clients

Updated : 08.40am / 31st Aug

30th Aug Nifty Future Update

NIFTY FUTURE closed  5297

Boldly written on Yesterday Nifty Future support @ 5320

Same level we gave Sell call to my clients our Target 5295

After broken the level Achieved target 5295 & low was 5292.50

Again again we told its happened only our POWER of CHART



Today’s Nifty Future Support 5290 once if trade below the level & Volume

Will see non stop slide upto 5260 & 5240 level………

Minor hurdle @ 5240 around……….. Thereafter ???

Today’s Resistance 5300 if stays above the level 5320 & 5350 next Resistance

Higher level no strength ?? Don’t think on buying at higher level !!!

More update to our clients only !!!

Live Market update on Twitter follo us: flying calls

Updated : 08.43am / 30th Aug