30th April Banknifty Future levels

Banknifty Future : 10207

Friday we boldly written Sell at higher level…

Same trend we gave sell call @ 10250 My target is 10100…….

After my alert slide and kissed 10070………….

My clients mind fully on Money Money Money…….

Today’s Resistance 10250 if stays above the level 10300 & 10345 will be tested……

Today’s Support 10175 if trade below the level 10100 & 10040 next levels…….

Higher level what will do ???? More update during market hrs to my clients…..


30th April Hot Calls



Closely watch on 724, Once if break the level

Catch it !!!

Target 730,735 thereafter 750


PFC Traded near by Strong Support level

Support at 167.50,  Anybody can buy with SL of 167.50

If break the level Sell Sell Sell

Down side target 163, 160


GITANJALI now Ready to FREE FALL mode

Trades strong support near…….

Once if stays below the level…….. Non stop slide will expect !!!

Which level will break ???

Clients special call !!!



Last few days taking support at lower level

Now if break the support level Sell Sell Sell

Target 308, 300

Which level is support ????

Surly we will update to my clients !!!


JUBLFOOD our Darling Stock……

Looking very HOT movement

Closely watch on 1196 if cross the level

Buy Buy with target of 1210, 1220 thereafter 1250

Updated : 08.14am / 30th April

Nifty Future & Banknifty Future Cracked from Day’s high

Nifty Future Morning we updated Resistance 5260 around.

Same level we followed…

Sent Sell call @ 5245 my stop loss 5265…….

My target 5200……….

What happened ????

Kissed my target & Marked low 5168

BANKNIFTY FUTURE also we gave sell call @ 10250

My stop loss 10300 Target 10100……..

See achieved my target 10100 and now trade 10070

Profit Booked 150 Points

What else u want ???

My clients Enjoyed……

Updated : 01.50pm / 27th April

27th April NIFTY FUTURE Update

NIFTY FUTURE closed  5217

Nifty Future yesterday traded very Range….

We gave Sell call @ 5200 and Booked profit @ 5175


Nifty Future last 10 days Traded 5150 to 5350……..

Only Mixed trend not Bullish or Bearish

But Most of stocks trades below 45 days low….

Today’s Resistance level 5235, if stays above the level, 5260 & 5285 will be tested…..

Today’s Support 5175, if trades below the level, 5155 & 5135 expected…..

 More live market update to my clients only & Visit website for live market update

Updated : 08.30am / 27th April

27th April HOT CALLS


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BHUSANSTL now looking very HOT

Closely watch on 434, Once if break

Buy Buy Buy, Target 440, 445

Catch it if u can !!!


BHEL Yesterday came near by Last Three Month Low

Very strong support @ 223, Decline to buy with tight stop-loss

Or once if break 223, Free Fall will expected

Target 215, 208 thereafter 190

Live market we will update to my clients like Reverse level, Turning Level also


GITANJALI now Ready to FREE FALL mode

Trades strong support near…….

Once if stays below the level…….. Non stop slide will expect !!

Rocking Performance

Yesterday Rocking Performance………

NIFTY Sold 5200 Achieved Target 5175

TATASTEEL Sold 472 Achieved Target 465

MCDOWELL Bought 780 Achieved Target 790

BATAINDIA Sold 841 Achieved Target 832

JUBLFOOD Sold 1178 Achieved Target 1160

BIOCON Sold 228 closed 226 ( Just 2 rs Profit )


HDIL Yesterday closed 80 around…..

Strong support @ 79………. If trade below the level

Sell Sell Sell Down side target 76, 74

Updated : 07.33am / 27th April



BATAINDIA we expect unwind the position

We gave sell call @ 741 After broken the level kissed 730…………..

JUBLFOOD also we Expect Unwind the position

We gave sell @ 1178 below………. after broken the level

non stop slide & kissed 1150……….

That’s My hot call……….

Join us & Enjoy

( updated : 03.23pm / 26th April )

MCDOWELL Rocked…..

Today also MCDOWELL Rocked……

Morning we wrote in HOT CALL again short covering will come !!!

What happened ???

We gave Buy call to my clients @ 780

After broken the level See now trades 802……

What else u want ???

Another one BIOCON Shorted 228 but till hold the shorts now traded 229.50

Followed my clients position…..

Updated : 01.59pm / 26th April

26th April Nifty Future update

NIFTY FUTURE closed  5198

After long time Nifty Future closed 4 points discount….

Yesterday unexpected volatility occured…. S&P gave Negative Outlook on India

But afternoon we wrote on our Blog…. Buy lower level, keep strict stop-loss 5135 level


Today also huge Volatility expected !!!

Nifty Future facing support 5155, if stays below the level,

5135 next hurdle & Last hope for Bulls.

Once if stays below 5135, Sell Sell Sell………. Will see BLOOD BATH

Today’s Resistance 5235, if trades above the levels, 5255 & 5285 will be tested

Higher level selling chance !!! with stop-loss ???

Lower level buying chance !!! with stop-loss ???

 More live market update to our clients only & Visit website for live market update

Updated : 08.51am / 26th April

26th April Hot Calls


HEROMOTOCORP Yesterday broken strong Resistance level

Today closely watch 2255 level

Once if breakd the level, catch it

Target 2280, 2300 thereafter 2350


BIOCON Now trades near by 52-week low

Watch on 228 level, if breaks the level, sell sell sell

Downside target 224, 220; ultimate target 200


MCDOWELL Yesterday moved 8% up

We gave buy call @ 720 after breaking the level, Marked high 744

Today also, short covering expected !!!

But if cross the level,  Which level ???

Clients Special call


JSWSTEEL now looking very Bearish trend…..

Trades near by strong support level

If break the level, Free Fall expected !!!

OR buy at lower level Keep strict stop-loss ???

What is Magic & Hurdle level ???

We will update to our clients !!!

Updated : 08.44am / 26th April