Revelations made by Wikileaks on India

David Mulford’s cable allegedly called “Kashmir politics as filthy as Dal Lake” and that a Kashmiri businessman telling embassy officials that Mirwaiz Umer Farooq had acquired property in Dubai and the Kashmir Valley from payoffs done by intelligence agencies of India and Pakistan.

Narayanan expressed personal interest in “counterterrorism deliverables” and suggested the Indian government may ultimately split the tender.

In another secret cable written on December 10, 2009, US Ambassador to India Timothy Roemer said the ramifications of the “Telangana surrender” may go beyond Andhra Pradesh as similar demands that were simmering are likely to get a fresh impetus from the Telangana movement’s “overnight success”.

A 2008 US cable noted that not much was known of Rahul Gandhi’s political beliefs and that he has avoided making a significant intervention in Parliament.