CUMMINSIND Fut melting after our selling alert…. Rs 9100 Profit per lot!!

Morning (09.39 AM) recommended selling alert Cumminsind Fut at 557 SL 563 and Targets 548 540.

Did you know…..? Posted Cumminsind selling alert on Yesterday evening in our blog

Stock broken given level at 1.37 PM…….. and slide up to 542

Sent book full profit at 544………. Rs 13 x 700 : Rs 9100 Profit per lot

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Updated : 02.33 PM / 04th Oct 2019

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Updated : 08.30 AM / 03rd Oct 2019

YESBANK Fut slide after broken strong support. Rs 12100 Profit per lot

Recommended selling alert YESBANK Fut at 78.45 and Target 75 73 SL 80.55

(Did you know ?? Morning written in our blog “Yesbank strong support at 79”)

After broken given level 78.45………… Stock slide and achieved target 73

Rs 5.50 x 2200 : Rs 12100 Profit per lot!!….

Any kind of market my clients earned profits!!……….

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Updated : 12.55 PM / 13th Aug 2019

NESTLEIND Fut Rocked after our buying alert….. Rs 10000 Profit per lot

Today’s HNI and Hot alert NESTLEIND. Today’s stock of the day also Nestleind

Recommended buying alert NETLEIND Fut at 12050 target 12250 12350 SL 11950 to our HNI and Hot pack clients

After broken 12050……….. Stock rocked up to 12284.

Rs 200 x 50 : Rs 10000 Profit per lot!!

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Updated : 01.31 PM / 09th Aug 2019

HNI : RBLBANK crashed after our selling alert 383 to 362. Rs 15600 Profit per lot within 15 minutes!!

Recommended selling alert to our HNI and Hot pack clients. RBLBANK Fut at 383 when i sent alert stock traded at 384 and given target 375 370 SL 387

After broken given level……….. stock crashed up to 362 and achieved given target 370

Rs 13 x 1200 : Rs 15600 Profit per lot……….What else you want in life ??

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Updated : 02.47 PM / 07th Aug 2019

HEXAWARE Fut slide after our selling alert…… 345 to 338. Booked Rs 10500 Profit per lot

Today’s HNI and Hot selling alert HEXAWARE Fut at 345 target 340,338 SL 348

After broken given level………. stock slide and achieved given level 338

Rs 7 x 1500 : Rs 10500 Profit per lot!!

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Updated : 12.13 PM / 02nd Aug 2019

HNI Alert : Rs 20000 Profit from EicherMotor and M&M Fut

Today Two HNI Alert Sent To Our Clients EICHERMOTO and M&M

Today’s stock of the day (Free alert) update in blog at 8.43 AM “Sell Eichermotor below 18199.95)

Same level followed and given selling in stock future Eichermot @ 18000

Booked full profit at 17600………. Rs 400 x 25 : Rs 10000 Profit per lot.

Morning given M&M Fut selling alert @ 598 and Booked profit at 588.

Rs 10 x 1000 : Rs 10000 Profit per lot!!

Today our HNI Pack clients booked Rs 20000 Profits!!

Updated : 02.16 PM / 19th July 2019

SRF Fut Booked Rs 10000 Profit Per Lot…..!!

Recommended buying alert SRF Fut at 2990 Target 3020 and 3030 SL 2975

After broken given level 2990, Stock slowly moved and achieved target 3030

In falling market our buying recommendation hit target.

Any kind of market our clients earned profits!!

Rs 40 x 250 : Rs 10000 Profit per lot!!

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Updated : 03.28 PM / 18th June 2019