Trading Rules. If you follow the rules you will be a smart trader!!

  1. Never over trade.
  2. Never place order for BUY/SELL without stop loss conditions.
  3. Trade with the trend.
  4. Never try to be over smart
  5. Don’t trade if trend not clear
  6. Withdraw portion of profits.
  7. Never average your losses.
  8. Take big profits and small losses.
  9. Never buy any stock just it is low priced.
  10. Decrease your trading after a series of successful trades.
  11. Take windfall gains when you get.
  12. Keep your charts up to date.
  13. Ban wishful thinking in the market.
  14. Trade only the active stocks
  15. Bear markets have no support and bull markets have no resistance.
  16. Control what you can; manage what you can not.
  17. Avoid partnership in trading accounts.
  18. Money cannot be made every day in the market


While updating Nestleindia stock trading at 11950, Marked a high of of 11998

Technically stock finding a trend line resistance at 12020

Stock once if breaks and holds above 12020, Rally will be expected up to 12200-12350+. Catch once if breaks given level.

Latest stock news : Domestic sales increased by 13.1% in Q2 June 2019 largely driven by volume & mix and positively influenced by sales to CSD and sale of surplus fat.  The board has approved an interim dividend of Rs 23 per equity share and a special interim dividend of Rs 180 per share for the current financial year.

Updated : 12.47 PM / 06th Aug 2019