In last one week my delivery alerts : Tataelxsi, Mindtree and Tatachem gained more than 7% in each

In last one week I have recommended 3 delivery alert Tataelxsi, Mindtree and Tatachem to my paid client and 2 alert sent to my free Telegram channel (Telegram Link:

See my whatsapp proof with complete follow up message

Recommended MINDTREE around 2050-2065 on 31st March

Yesterday (08th April) stock went to more than 2200 and achieved given targets!! Profit 7%

Recommended TATACHEM around 760-770 on 1st April (Paid client and Telegram channel)

On 6th April sent message book part profit around 810 then stock went to 830

Profit more than 6%

Recommended TATAELXSI above 2840 on 5th April (Paid client and Telegram channel)

Today (09th April) sent book part profit around 3050-3075

Profit more than 8%

What else you want in life ??

Join us and enjoy!!

Updated: 11.51 am / 09th April 2021