28th Sept 2021 Hot Stocks and Stocks To Watch

Last close: 4347.25 (-5.5%)

Mindtree after a strong rally stock was declined more than 5%
Favored for bears, If there is any rise likes 4375-4420
Can create shorts and expecting selling pressure up to 4300, 4270, 4220

Last close: 18031.10 (-2.7%)

Bajajfinsv was struggled around 18500-18800 in last three sessions
Stock was hammered around the strong resistance zone
If there is any rise likes 18200-18400 short zone
Expecting positional targets 17000 (if not breaks 18800)

Today’s guess stock
Stock was ended nearby all time high 2875
Stock if breaks and managed above the level
Expecting further strength!!
Which stock ? (Clue: High weightage stock in Nifty50)

Updated: 08.24 am / 28th Sept 2021