24th Feb 2023 #Banknifty intraday levels and pre-market reports

Banknifty last close: 40001.55

On Thursday, Banknifty was seen huge volatility and ended flat note
Banknifty was opened 39980 then fell to 39600 again shot up to 40140
PSUBank index gained around 1%
SBIN did well after a long time
Private banks was seen mixed closing
VIX sustained around 15

Banknifty was slipped more than 2000 points in the last 5 session
Now, Banknifty can be considered as supports as 39850, 39700 and 39600
Which was yesterday’s low… suppose if breaks and manages below 39600
Finding a very strong support around 39400 which was Budget day low.

On other side, Banknifty if stays above 40150 will try to check 40300 and 40550-40600 levels

Updated: 08.32 am / 24th Feb 2023