Reliance Future rocking after my buying alert…….. From 2202 to 2235. Profit Rs 16500 per lot

Morning I did mention in my blog about Reliance “Above 2196 expecting further up trend”

Same I followed and recommended buying alert in stock future @ 2202 Target 2225 2235 SL 2190

After broken 2202…………. stock increasing gradually and achieved my target 2235

Rs 33 x 505 : Rs 16665 Profit per lot

What else you want in life ??

Minting money……….. Nothing else!!

Updated: 11.19 am / 10th Sept 2020

10th Sept 2020 #NiftyFuture Intraday Levels

NiftyFuture last close: 11306.90 

 NiftyFuture was opened gap down at 11245 and made a low of 11202 then spiked up to 11324

Day before yesterday NF fell almost 100 points in last one hour. But on yesterday NF rocked almost 75 points in last 1 hour

But, NF was higher than the opening level….. Little bit positive

Finally Nifty declined 40 points and Sensex was down 172 points

India – China border tensions continued and delay in the Covid-19 vaccine have hit the bad sentiment

Selling pressure visible in banking stocks, IT stocks and Financials

Reliance has been supporting in last two days to the lift index

Today talk of the town SC will take bank’s moratorium case, But don’t know the timing

Bank index will be reacting the SC guidelines

VIX index stabilized around 20

US markets ended higher levels on Wednesday to snap a three session losing

Dow Jones rose 440 points or 1.6%, Nasdaq jumped 294 points or 2.7%

Asian markets were trading at higher levels

FIIs sold 959 crore worth of stocks and DIIs also offloaded 264 cr worth of shares in cash segment

Today’s NiftyFuture supports and resistance levels

Entry and exit will be sent to my clients during market hours!!

Noon update will be post around 12.30 pm………… be patient!!

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Updated: 08.40 am / 10th Sept 2020

10th Sept 2020 #BankniftyFuture Intraday Levels

BankniftyFuture last close: 22337.25 (-1.8%)

BankniftyFuture was extremely weakness on yesterday and index fell 1.8%

In fact BNF index was fell 3100 points from last week Monday’s high to yesterday’s low

SBIN once again and retest 195 mark. Last Monday high was 230

Axisbank, Icicibank, Kotakbank and Indusindbank was fell 10% to 15% in last few sessions

Today SC will take moratorium case…….

Likely to witness volatile trade will be expected during the day ahead of Moratorium case and weekly expiry

Today BankniftyFuture is facing a intraday resistance at 22450 and 22600

Above two resistance are hurdle for today’s trade

Suppose if crossover 22600 and manages above the level…… Will try to check 22850

But, Stay caution at higher levels!!

Today BNF considering a supports 22250, 22175 and 22080

Below 22080…………… Finding a next support around 21900

More live market update will be sent to my clients only

Updated: 08.27 am / 10th Sept 2020

10th Sept 2020 Hot Stocks and Stocks To Watch

Last close: 2161.35 (+2.6%)

In last three sessions Reliance has been supporting to index

Yesterday stock rose 2.6% and came near by recent top

Stock finding a resistance 2175 and 2196……… Close watch this levels

If crossover 2196 and manages above the level………. Expecting further up trend!!

Last close: 613.90

M&M considering a strong support around 595-598

(Yesterday I did tweet the level and same recommended buying alert. Booked Rs 20000 profits)

Yes, Stock took support at 598 and bounced up to 515

Again if declines can buy and keep a stop of 598 closing basis for positional

Guess………. Stock closed around 126

Stock came near by 6 month low………Which stock ??

Can play with 3-6 months support!!

Updated: 08.14 am / 10th Sept 2020

M&M Future booked Rs 20300 Profit per lot…… Attached whatsapp snapshot

Today I recommend two times M&M buying alert

1st alert given @ 606-607 Target 615 Stop-loss 600

Booked Profit at 612. Rs 6 x 1400 : Rs 8400 Profit per lot

Again M&M dropped and I given 2nd alert around 605-606 Target 612 615 SL 599.95

After my alert M&MFut came 600.20 then bounced and achieved my targets

Booked profit at 613.50. Rs 8.50 x 1400 : Rs 11900 Profit per lot

Today booked Rs 20300 Profits from M&M Future………..

Minting Money……. Nothing else!!

Updated: 02.06 pm / 09th Sept 2020

09th Sept 2020 #NiftyFuture Intraday Levels

NiftyFuture last close: 11319.85 (-0.4%)

On yesterday NF was opened 11348 and went up to 11447 then dropped 11301

Finally closed at 11319.85

NF was fell almost 140 points from intraday’s high in last 1 hour

Global cues are not good, Seems global sell-off

Reliance has been supported to index in last two sessions

US markets was seen huge selling pressure but there is no major negative news

Technology stocks was fell heavily and Nasdaq index fell almost 12% in last one week

Dow Jones down 632 points or 2.25% and Nasdaq fell 465 points or 4.11%

Asian markets were trading at negative zone

Japan’s Nikkei down 365 points, Taiwan index fell 1.6% and HangSeng down 300 points

Crude fell below $40. Positive for Indian markets

FIIs sold 1056 crore worth of stocks in cash segment whereas DIIs bought 620 crore

SGXNifty indicate a negative opening for the index and likely to witness volatile trade will be expected during the day

Today NF can be considered as supports as 11290 and 11260 (My Weekly support)

Once if breaks and holds below 11260……….. Finding a next supports 11230 and 11185

Today NF is facing a intraday resistance at 11350, 11385 and 11420

Every rise can sell…………!!

More live market update will be sent to my clients only

Updated: 08.43 am / 09th Sept 2020

09th Sept 2020 #BankniftyFuture Intraday Levels

BankniftyFuture last close:  22748.85 

On last six sessions Bankniftyfuture was fell almost 2500 points from last Monday’s high

Yesterday noon I have posted BNF resistance at 23075 after my post BNF made a high of 23092 then dropped 22655

Icicibank and Hdfcbank has closed marginal higher 0.15% to 0.70%

Other all banks was seen significantly selling pressure

Today Bankniftyfuture is considering a supports 22630 and 22500

If stays below 22500, Finding a next support around 22350-22385 which is placed 50 DMA

Thereafter expecting more selling pressure up to 22130. Don’t short at very lower levels

Today BNF is facing a intraday resistance 22830, 22900 and 23050

If rise can sell…………. Nothing else!!

More live market update will be sent to my clients only

Updated: 08.32 am / 09th Sept 2020