11th Sept 2020 #NiftyFuture Intraday Levels

Niftyfuture last close: 11455.35 (+1.3%)

NiftyFuture was climbed 1.3% and 170 points but Reliance was contributed 120 points to index

NF was seen huge volatility in last 2 hours

Border tensions will be stable

India-China foreign ministers agree to quickly disengage border troops

Covid-19 infections increasing and daily infections near by 1 lakh

Global sentiment seems negative

US markets closed lower after a choppy trading session on Thursday

US weekly jobless claims stuck at higher levels for the week ended Sept 5

Dow Jones fell 405 points or 1.45%, and Nasdaq dropped 222 points or 2%

Asian markets were set to lower on Friday

FIIs net bought 838 crore worth of stocks in cash segment whereas DIIs sold 318 crore

SGXNifty indicate a negative opening for the index and likely to witness volatile trade will be expected during the day

Today NiftyFuture is facing a intraday resistance at 11445, 11465 and 11490

Above three resistance are crucial for today’s trade…….. Suppose

If breaks and manages above 11490…………. Finding a next resistance around 11540

Today NF can be considered as supports as 11410 and 11380

If breaks and sustains below 11380………. Finding a next supports 11330-11350

More live market update will be sent to my clients only

Updated: 08.44 am / 11th Sept 2020

11th Sept 2020 #BankniftyFuture Intraday Levels

BankniftyFuture last close: 22506.60 (+0.8%)

On yesterday BankniftyFuture was seen huge volatility

Index was opened at 22485 then fell 22300 again went up to 22725 but not sustained and fell made a low was 22253………. Finally closed around 22500. Ooops!!

Bank index fell almost 3000 points from last week Monday’s high to so far but till there is no short covering

Yesterday index climbed little bit higher…….. but is it continued today ??

SGXNifty indicate a negative opening and followed by bank index will be opening negatively

Today BankniftyFuture is facing a intraday resistance at 22560, 22640 and 22775

If crossover 22775 and manages above the level…….. Expecting more strength up to 23000

Today BNF can be considered as supports as 22420, 22350 and 22250

Below 22250……….. Finding a next supports around 22000

Don’t short at very lower levels!!

More live market update will be sent to my clients only

Updated: 08.22 am / 11th Sept 2020

11th Sept 2020 Hot Stocks and Stocks To Watch

Last close: 2314 (+7.1%)

On yesterday I did mention “Reliance above 2196 expecting further up trend”

(I have recommended Reliance Fut at 2202 and hit target 2235)

After broken 2196, stock spiked up to 2345 and finally closed at 2314

RIL became the first Indian company to hit a market cap of $200 billion

Day before yesterday news was “Silver Lake get ready to invest Rs 7500 crore in RIL Retail for a 1.75% stake. That one was the confirmed news

But yesterday media flashed RIL offering a $20 billion stake in its retail arm to Amazon. After the news stock spiked another 4%. After market hours RIL denied the news

However, Stock looks very hot above 2200…….. Every declines can buy

Intraday supports 2265, 2230 and 2200 and resistance 2345, 2360 and 2400

Ultimate target 2600+

Last close: 2056.55 (+3.9%)

ASIANPAINT has broken trend line resistance and closed above the level

Favored for bulls and declines can buy likes 2030-2040

Expected rally up to 2068, 2080 and 2100

Stock finding a recent top and breakout point at 291

If breaks and holds above the level

Expecting non stop rally…………… Which stock ??

Guess!!………… If not………… Comes to my twitter account

Updated: 08.09 am / 11th Sept 2020

#NiftyFuture noon update

While updating NiftyFuture were trading @ 11415. Marked a high of 11434.75 and low of 11331.35

Reliance jumped almost 6% to hit fresh life time high

Market capitalisation of Reliance is over 14 lakh crore as of now and India’s largest company (TCS is second with Rs 8.9 lakh crore)

Reliance is contributed 90 points to Nifty and overall nifty gain now 130 points

(Today Reliance if not contribute to index….. Maybe NF trade around 11300-11330)

Now, NiftyFuture is facing a intraday resistance at 11430-11460

Above resistance are crucial for next 3 hrs……… but Reliance rally if continues NF maybe hit 11450 around.

NF considering a supports 11375 (2 hrs support) and 11340 (3 hrs support)

If trades below 11340…….. Expecting some weakness up to 11280

Don’t short at very lower levels!!

Updated : 12.36 pm / 10th Sept 2020

Reliance Future rocking after my buying alert…….. From 2202 to 2235. Profit Rs 16500 per lot

Morning I did mention in my blog about Reliance “Above 2196 expecting further up trend”

Same I followed and recommended buying alert in stock future @ 2202 Target 2225 2235 SL 2190

After broken 2202…………. stock increasing gradually and achieved my target 2235

Rs 33 x 505 : Rs 16665 Profit per lot

What else you want in life ??

Minting money……….. Nothing else!!

Updated: 11.19 am / 10th Sept 2020