#NiftyFuture noon update

While updating NiftyFuture were trading at 9440 climbing 150 points

Bulls dominating second day

NiftyFuture currently trading at 9440 with discount of 30 points and Bankniftyfuture also trading 50 points discount.

Nifty 9500CE seems open interest at 64 lakh and 9400PE which is open interest at 47 lakh and followed by 9300PE is at 57 lakh.

Seeing the OI and discount in NF, Still short covering is not over!!

Now, NiftyFuture is facing a intraday resistance at 9455-9475.

Once if breaks and manages above 9475…….. We see another round short covering up to 9540-9560

Suppose if consolidate around 9440 and after 2 PM if breaks 9400

Expecting profit booking up to 9360-9300.

So next 3 hrs expecting huge volatility……. Take care!!

Updated : 12.18 PM / 28th May 2020

28th May 2020 #NiftyFuture Intraday Levels

NiftyFuture last close: 9309.40 (+3%)

 NiftyFuture was surprised moved 9300 mark and gained 3%

The index was gained sharply after seeing the rangebound trade in last 6 sessions

Seen huge short covering on both index (Nifty and NiftyBank)

NF was seen very range bound in last 7 sessions. Range bound top at 9180 (Yesterday I did mention) after broken 9180 spiked up to 9340.

Day before yesterday FIIs have short positions 59% and yesterday they having 48% short (Means 52% long)

So they covered 11% shorts on yesterday whereas DIIs having long 77% in index future

Just a flashback of April series. In last 3 days of April expiry index was climbed 6% then May series first day index was fell 5.7%.

Maximum CE OI of 28 lakh was seen at 9500 and followed by 9400CE at 16 lakh

Maximum PE OI of 9000PE was seen 44 lakh and followed by 9100PE 22 lakh, 9200PE which added 14 lakh OI

On global market side, Dow was seen strong strength and closed 550 points gained

Asian markets are opened at green zone Nikkei up 350 points up

FIIs sold 335 Cr worth stocks in cash segment whereas DIIs bought 2408 Cr

Today’s NiftyFuture supports, Resistance levels

Entry and Exit will be send to my clients during market hours!!

Noon update will post around 12.30 PM………… Be patient!!

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Updated : 06.58 AM / 28th May 2020

28th May 2020 #BankniftyFuture Intraday Levels

BankniftyFuture last close: 18663 (+7%)

What a fantastic rally……..Superb rally in May series!! Index was gained 1220 points (7%)

Did you know? On April series expiry day BNF was closed at 21527 and May series low was 17005 fell 4522 points in last 17 trading days.

In single day (yesterday) BNF was climbed 1200 pts.

All leading bank stocks rose up to 5% to 12%

Yesterday recommended 17500CE at 265 and hit target at 550 then CE was rose up to 1250

Today expecting another huge volatile session ahead of May expiry

As per technical data BNF is facing a intraday resistance at 18800, 18970 and 19100

If crossover 19100 and manages above the level, Finding a next resistance up to 19440

Today BNF considering a key supports 18420, 18280 and 18000

If comes support zone can buy with a stop of 18000

Option writer……. Stay caution!!

More live market update will send to my clients only

Updated : 06.45 AM / 28th May 2020

28th May 2020 Hot Stocks and Stocks To Watch

Today May series expiring day so open interest wise stocks will move

As per yesterday closing data wise report given below

Long buildup

Nifty OI 20%, Axisbank (oi 27%), Icicibank (oi 9.50%, Balkrishind (oi 14%), Ibullhsgfing (oi 15%)

Short buildup

Torntpharma (oi 1%), SBILife (oi 45%), Mcdowell (oi -5%), Torntpower (oi 16%)

Short covering

Cholafinance, Banknifty, Godrejprop, Grasim and Bataindia

Updated : 06.32 AM / 28th May 2020

#BankniftyFuture noon update

While updating BankniftyFuture were trading at 17860 gain of 475 points

Hdfcbank, Icicibank, Axisbank, and Kotakbank all private sector banks gain more then 2% to 5%

I given buying alert 17500CE at 275 and Booked Profit at 440

BankniftyFuture in last two days looks very good and sustains above 17300

Now, BNF is facing a intraday resistance at 17880-17960

If crossover 17960 and holds above the level finding a next resistance at 18200-18330

Suppose if comes decline likes 17830, 17720 and 17600 can buy

Or if comes decline can buy ITM option and Sell OTM PE

More live market update will send to my clients only

Updated : 12.27 PM / 27th May 2020

27th May 2020 #NiftyFuture Intraday Levels

NiftyFuture last close: 9034

NiftyFuture saw a selling pressure and wiped out morning gains and closed in the red

BankniftyFuture was seen outperformed despite of Nifty fell

Midcap index was up 1.3% while smallcap index closed with gain of 0.70%

 The Nifty May expiry rollover is at 42.01% on Tuesday compared to 45.09% on same day of previous expiry

Banknifty May expiry rollover is at 22.55% on Tuesday compared to 40.32% on same day of previous expiry

Global market performed very well but Indian market seen huge selling pressure

Yesterday I tweet India will face another problem Locusts attack, Yes Locusts came from Somalia, Pakistan and now attacked Rajasthan. Another very bad news

Crisil says ” India staring at worst recession since Independence

US markets gained on Tuesday, Dow rose 530 points, Nasdaq gained 16 points

Asian markets are mixed now

FIIs bought 4716 Cr worth of stocks in cash segment wheres DIIs too bought 2841 Cr ( Bhartiartl impact)

SGXNifty is trading at 30-40 points higher level around 9070

Tomorrow May month series expiry day, Hence the impact can be feel today

In entire May month series NiftyFuture was seen hammered pattern like Yesterday too

Huge OI seen in 9100CE and 8900PE……..So can be trading range between that level.

Today NF is facing a intraday resistance 9070, 9090, 9135 and 9175

Above four levels are hurdle for Today’s (Tomorrow also) levels!!

Suppose NF if breaks 9175 and holds above the level……… Bulls will dominate

Today NF considering supports 9015, 9000, and 8975

Below 8975………. Finding a next support around 8920

More live market update will be send to my clients only

Updated : 08.44 AM / 27th May 2020