04th May 2020 #NiftyFuture Intraday Levels

NiftyFuture last close : 9842.30 (+3.1%)

NiftyFuture was surged 14% in April month, highest series to series gain since May 2009

On Thursday, NF was opened gap up and saw volatile trade of April series expiry

Did you know ?….. Our strong breakout at 9400, Broken on Tuesday 9400 within 2 days NF gained almost 475 points (Thursday’s high was 9877.95)

Now, SGXNifty were trading at 9360 down almost 475 points.

US market was fell 288 pts on Thursday, 622 pts on Friday and now Dow Fut down 300 pts

Global side, Tariff tension between US-China. Again N Korea and S Korea border tension

Asian markets also in deep red, Europe Future also in red mark

Today NiftyFuture is expected to open at gap down likely around 9350-9450 and likely to witness volatility will be expected during the day.

Today NiftyFuture can be considered as supports as 9545, 9460 and 9400

If stays below 9400, Finding a next supports 9350, 9270 and 9220.

Last week NF took support at 9110. So this week also same and strong support

Overall NiftyFuture finding a strong support around 8800

No need to write today’s resistance!!

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Updated : 08.38 AM / 04th May 2020

04th May 2020 #BankniftyFuture Intraday Levels

BankniftyFuture last close : 21527.75 (+1.90%)

On Thursday BankniftyFuture saw huge volatility of expiry day

In last 40 minutes BNF was rose from 21350 to 21750. Very tough day for writers.

In last four sessions BNF has surged 9.95% higher.

Today BankniftyFuture is expected to open at gap down likely around 20500-20700

Technical chart indicating BNF will take supports 20820 and 20680

Once if stays below 20680, Finding a next supports 20400 and 20250

Thereafter we see below 20k mark.

No need to write today’s resistance!!

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Updated : 08.21 AM / 04th May 2020

Reliance technical chart update

Last close : 1466 (+2.70%)

Reliance was declared disappointed earnings report and launches India’s biggest rights issue

Rights issue rate was 1275 per share. It was 14% from current rate

Now, Chart indicates stock will take immediate support at 1345 and 1300

Stock if fails to take support around 1300, Further weakness will be expected up to 1250 and 1165.

If comes rights issue rate can buy for long term!!

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Updated : 08.03 AM / 04th May 2020

#NiftyFuture Weekly Trends Of May 1st Week

NiftyFuture last close  : 9842.40

What a fantastic month!! Sensex and Nifty rallied more than 14% each in April month

This is the highest series to series gain since May 2009

In last four sessions Nifty was surged 7.7% and Banknifty index climbed 9.95% higher

Did you know ? On last Sunday I did mentioned in our blog “NiftyFut above 9400 expecting more rally up to 9875” Click here to check What I written

On last four sessions NF movement was….. Monday 1.70%, Tuesday 1.1%, Wednesday 1.6% and on settlement day 3.1%.

BSE Small cap index was up 15.50%, Midcap index gained 13.50% during the same period.

Investor’s wealth rose by 16 lakh cr in a month of April

FIIs selling also slowed in April which was supported to indices. FIIs was net sold around 5000 Cr in the cash segment of equity markets  in the month of April, Compared to over 65000 Cr sold in the month March.

On last Thursday, post market hours three big company declared earnings report

RIL, Hindunilvr and Techm all three was declared disappointed report

Specially, RIL rights issue was at 1275 per share, discount of 14% from current price

HUL revenues fell over 9%, Net profit fell 3% and TechM net profit 803.9 Cr Vs 1146 Cr

Moody’s has slashed India GDP to 0.20%  and Fitch also reduced GDP growth 0.80%

Lock-down 3.0 extended up to May 17th, Virus cases spiked 40000

Above all bad news and will be reacting on Monday market!!

This week NiftyFuture Trend Signal is 9110 and 10130

Thursday after market closed, Continuously came negative news liks RIL, HUL, Techm results, Downgrade GDP, Lock-down extended, Global markets melted,  and again USA-China tariff war.

SGXNifty was fell almost 600 points and settled at 9223. I think this is too much fall

All see only for sgxnifty up or down and how much points… But see volume also

Because Sgxnifty fell 600 points but volume was just around 10000. Is this volume ?

This is the tool of spreading the panic……So don’t panic.

Let’s see……… This week NiftyFuture technical views!!

NiftyFuture considering a supports 9400, 9250 and 9110

Technical chart indicating NF weekly support around 9110. Once if failed to take support at 9110

Finding a next strong and crucial support at 8800.

On the other hand, NF is facing a resistance 9770, 9870 thereafter 10130.

So, Watch above technical levels and Happy trading!!

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Updated : 10.15 AM / 03rd May 2020