15th Nov 2019 #NiftyFuture Intraday Levels

Nifty Future Last Close : 11899.65

NiftyFuture saw another volatile session but traded in range 11825-11900

Many days written in our blog…… Don’t short at lower levels and don’t buy at higher level

Yesterday NF was slide from intraday high 11924.40 and made a low of 11825.45

Finally closes at 11899.65.

FIIs sold both segment cash and index future…….. So not expect huge up move

FIIs sold 562 cr worth of stocks in cash segment wheres DIIs bough 82 cr of stocks

FIIs sold 441 cr of index future and bought 2957 cr of index options

 Today NiftyFuture is expected to open at positive note

 Likely to witness consolidate trade will be expected during the day

  Today NiftyFuture is facing a intraday resistance at 11905, 11930 and 11955

 Above three resistance are very crucial for today’s trade!!……… Suppose 

If crossover 11955 with volumes……… Then will move up to 11990

But, Stay caution at higher levels & If rise can sell NF and Buy PE

Today NF can be considered as supports as 11870 and 11840

If trade below 11840……….. Expecting more weakness up to 11790

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Updated : 09.00 AM / 15th Nov 2019

15th Nov 2019 #BankniftyFuture Intraday Levels

BankniftyFuture last close : 30770.55

Yesterday BNF has bounced from intraday low 30360 to 30830, Major contributed bank stocks ICICIBank and HDFCBank

Today BNF is facing a intraday resistance 30900 and 31030

Above two resistance are hurdle for today’s trade…………Above 31030

Expecting some strength up to 31200………. But, Stay caution at higher levels

Today BNF can be considered as supports 30700, 30630 and 30500

Thereafter will be check 30300……….. Don’t short at very lower levels!!

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Updated : 08.58 AM / 15th Nov 2019

15th Nov 2019 Hot Stocks & Stocks To Watch


(Last close : 121.80)

GAIL finding a trend line support at 119.50

Stock once if breaks and holds below the level

Expecting further weakness up to 115 & 113


( Last Close : 711.50)

MUTHOOTFIN has bounced from 8 days declined & gained 9%

Stock if holds above 707………Will try to move 720

Thereafter expecting more up side……… 733 and 740

Supports 700 and 695

Resistance at 235


 (Last close : 1380.45)

LT has declined after broken strong support 1408

Favor for bears…….. if rise likes 1388-1395 can sell

Down side supports 1370 and 1360

Resistance at 1395-1405


( Last Close : 282)

ZEEL near by recent support

Stock once if breaks & stays below the level

Expecting further weakness

Which level will be breaks ?? and What is the Targets ?

Will be sent alerts to our clients during market hours

Updated : 08.51 AM / 15th Nov 2019

#NiftyFuture noon update

NiftyFuture currently trading at 11895. Opened at 11875 and slide up to 11825………. then took U turn and bounced up to 11924.40.

Seems a volatility trade!!……….

On Monday, NF slide from 11966 to 11866 then bounced 11945. Closed at flat only

On Wednesday, NF slide from 11957 to 11847….. Closed at 11863. Down 0.7%

Today…… NF bounced from 11825 to 11925. Gained 100 points in intraday’s low………Something cooking 11850-11950………. One thing is clear

Don’t short at lower levels and Don’t buy at higher levels……….. Means

Sell at higher levels & Buy PE…………. and Buy at lower levels & Sell CE

Now, NF facing a resistance around 11905-11925……. If breaks and holds above 11925

Finding a next resistance around 11960+…….. Stay caution!!

NF considering supports around 11855, 11825…..Thereafter will be check 11780

Updated : 12.06 PM / 14th Nov 2019