#NiftyFuture Booked 70 points profit in first 30 minutes trade!!

Did you know ??

Morning written in our blog NF resistance at 11610 and support at 11470

See…………. NiftyFuture marked a high of 11607.50 then melting up to 11472.

Recommended selling alert NF around 11585-11595 SL 11620.05

After our alert NF went up to 11607.50 then melted up to 11472.10

Achieved given target 11520…………… Booked 70 points profits per lot!!

What else you want in life ??

Updated : 10.22 AM / 01st Oct 2019

#Money Doubled : #Banknifty 29500PE rocked from 250 to 670……

There is no magic and miracles……….!!

Money doubled in first 30 minutes!!………See above whatsapp snapshot

Recommended BANKNIFTY 29500PE around 250-260 SL 175

After our alert PE marked a low of 218.35……….. Then spurt up to 700

But, Earlier sent alert to book full profit at 510.

What else you want in life ??

Updated : 10.10 AM / 01st Oct

01st Oct 2019 #NiftyFuture Intraday Levels

Nifty Future Last Close : 11534.60

 NiftyFuture saw a weak day and midcaps stocks being under selling pressure as LVB scam

Did you know ??………. Yesterday boldly mentioned NiftyFuture support and trend decider at 11440

U know……… NiftyFuture has made a low of 11445 and bounced up to 11579.50

How is my power of chart ??

We have sent selling alert NF at 11565 and booked profit at 11520

Reliance saved the whole day with a superb rally, stock gained nearly 2%

FIIs sold 469 cr worth of stocks in cash segment whereas DIIs bought 504 cr of stocks

FIIs bought 701 cr of index future and bought 1024 cr of index options

  Today NiftyFuture is expected to open at positive note

 Likely to witness consolidate trade will be expected during the day

   Today NiftyFuture is facing a intraday resistance at 11545 and 11575

 Once if breaks and holds above 11575………. Rally will be expected up to 11610+

  Today NF can be considered as supports as 11525 and 11495

Below 11495……….. Finding a next support around 11470-11440

Don’t short at lower levels if not breaks 11440

   More live market update & alerts will be sent SMS to our clients only

Updated : 09.03 AM / 01st Oct 2019

01st Oct 2019 #BankniftyFuture Intraday Levels

BankniftyFuture last close : 29324.70

BankniftyFuture saw a weak day and seen strong selling pressure declined 2.5%

RBLBANK and Indusindbank fell more then 8% due to their exposure to Indiabulls group

Yesterday sent selling alert BNF at 29530 and booked profit at 29300. Booked 230 points profits!!

Today BankniftyFuture is facing a intraday resistance at 29480 and 29560

If crossover 29560 with volumes……… Will try to move 29720

Today BNF can be considered as supports as 29250 and 29080

Above two supports are crucial for today’s trade!!

Suppose if breaks and holds below 29080……… Expecting further weakness!!

More live market update will be sent to our clients only

Friday our holding position RBLBANK 360PE at 28…….. Yesterday booked profit at 41 then went up to 54

RBLBANK facing a intraday resistance 337-345 and 354. Stay caution!!

Down side supports 320, 313 and 305

Updated : 09.01 AM / 01st Oct 2019