15th Feb 2019 #Nifty Future Intraday Levels

Nifty Future last close : 10779.80

 Nifty Future has continued facing a selling pressure for the sixth consecutive sessions.

Nifty Fut ended the 10779.80 and managed to close above its 200 DEMA (10765)

We have written in noon post “Nifty Fut resistance at 10815″……. Do you know ?

NF made a high of 10812.40 then slide up to 10760. 

 Today Nifty Future is expected to open at flattish note

 Likely to witness selling pressure will be expected at resistance zone during the day

 Today Nifty Future is facing a intraday resistance at 10800-10820

 Once if breaks and holds above 10820, Finding a next resistance around 10855

Stay caution at higher levels!! Can sell at higher level with a stop of resistance 

Today Nifty Future can be considered as support as 10760-10740

If breaks and holds below 10740, Finding a next support around 10690

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Updated : 09.03 AM / 15th Feb 2019

15th Feb 2019 #Banknifty Future Intraday Levels

Banknifty Future last close : 27066.50

Today Banknifty Future is facing a intraday resistance 27120-27200

If crossover 27200 with volumes, Finding a next resistance around 27325.

But stay caution at higher levels!!

Today BNF can be considered as supports as 27000, 26925 and 26800

Don’t short at lower levels!!

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Updated : 09.01 AM / 15th Feb 2019

15th Feb 2019 Hot Stocks & Stocks To Watch


 (Last close : 84.45)

ASHOKLEY has formed bottom of 77.50

Stock if stays above 85, Looks good and will try to move 90+

Supports 80 and 77.50


( Last Close : 478.45)

BHARATFORG has finding a strong trend line support at 463

Stock if not takes support, Expecting huge selling pressure below the level

Closely watch at 463


 (Last close : 1403.70)

UBL has finding a resistance at 1413

Stock if breaks and holds above 1413

Expecting strength up to 1425 and 1435+

Support at 1400


 ( Last Close : 1258.90)

BATAINDIA near by trend line resistance

Stock once if breaks & stays above the level

Expecting further up trend

Which level will be breaks ?? and What is the Targets ?

Will be sent alerts to our clients during market hours

Updated : 08.59 AM / 15th Feb 2019

Golden Rules For Successful Trading

  1. Never over trade.
  2. Never place order for BUY/SELL without stop loss conditions.
  3. Trade with the trend.
  4. Never try to be over smart
  5. Don’t trade if trend not clear
  6. Withdraw portion of profits.
  7. Never average your losses.
  8. Take big profits and small losses.
  9. Never buy any stock just it is low priced.
  10. Decrease your trading after a series of successful trades.
  11. Take windfall gains when you get.
  12. Keep your charts up to date.
  13. Ban wishful thinking in the market.
  14. Trade only the active stocks
  15. Bear markets have no support and bull markets have no resistance.
  16. Control what you can; manage what you can not.
  17. Avoid partnership in trading accounts.
  18. Money cannot be made every day in the market

Updated : 02.03 PM / 14th Feb 2019