07th Jan 2019 #Nifty Future Intraday Levels

Nifty Future last close : 10777.60

 Friday Nifty Future has traded very volatile

NF movement was opened at 10740 to 10775 to 10678 to 10782 to 10720 to 10793 & closes at 107777

Almost 400 points volatility.

We have sent selling alert NF at 10770 and Booked Profit at 10700. Profit 70 points!!

US Markets has climbed almost 3.75%, Now Asia markets followd at green

While updating SGXNifty were trading at 10890 up 110 points

This Week Nifty Future Trend Decider 11005 and 10675  

Today Nifty Future is expected to open at gap up

Likely to witness volatile trade will be expected during the day 

Nifty Future is facing a intraday resistance at 10820-10850

If crossover 10850 with volumes, Finding next resistance around 10920

There after will try to move 10955.

  Today Nifty Future can be considered as support as 10775 and 10720

If comes decline like supports can buy!!

 Don’t short at lower levels!!

      More live market update & alerts will be sent SMS to our clients only

Updated : 08.57 AM / 07th Jan 2019

07th Jan 2019 #Banknifty Future Intraday Levels

Banknifty Future last close : 27361.70

Today Banknifty Future is facing a intraday resistance at 27475 and 27570

If crossover 27570 with volumes, Will try to move 27775.

Today Banknifty Future can be considered as supports as 27400-27270

If comes lower levels can buy!!

More live market update will be sent sms to our clients!!

YESBANK has consolidated around 180-193 in 15 days!!

If crossover 193 will show more strength!!

Updated : 08.50 AM / 07th Jan 2019

07th Jan 2019 Hot Stocks & Stocks To Watch


 (Last close : 106.95)

PFC has finding a trend line resistance at 108.50

Stock once if breaks and holds above the level

Rally will be expected up to 111 and 113

Stop-loss (Members only)


( Last Close : 20103.60)

EICHERMOT has crashed almost 14% on last three sessions

Now stock finding a Two Year support at 20000

If fail to takes support………. More weakness will be expected!!


 (Last close : 1972.60)

HDFC recent range around 1930 to 1975

If crossover 1975 with volumes, Next resistance around 2017

Thereafter will show more strength!!


 ( Last Close : 322.45)

BHARTIARTL near by recent range

Stock once if breaks & stays above the level

Expecting further up trend

Which level will be breaks ?? and What is the Targets ?

Will be sent alerts to our clients during market hours

Updated : 08.38 AM / 07th Jan 2019