19th Feb 2021 Hot Stocks and Stocks To Watch

Last close: 218.85

ITC consolidated around 215 to 220 in last few sessions

Now, stock finding a trend line support at 215, Above the level no problem for bulls

Suppose if breaks and sustains below 215, further weakness will be expected

Close watch 215

Last close: 664.05

ADANI group of companies was seen extremely well past days

Like Adanient, Adaniports, and Adanigreen……….. firing in last few sessions. Especially Adanient

Now, Adaniports finding a resistance 670, Stock if holds above the level

Another rally will be expected

Last close: 3106.75

APOLLOHOSP declined 4% on yesterday after the strong rally of 17% within 3 sessions

However, Stock finding a support at 3040-3050. If not breaks can buy on declines

Suppose if breaks and holds below the level……. Just watch & Don’t short

If another declines can buy!! I will update on my twitter (@flyingcalls)

Today’s guess stock

Rally will be expected stock once if breaks and holds above 1130

Which stock ? Guess

Updated: 08.29 am / 19th Feb 2021