19th April 2021 Hot Stocks and Stocks To Watch

Last close: 2574.05

HDFC finding a strong & recent range top around 2600-2620

Short sellers……. can sell on rise and keep a stop of 2620

Down side supports 2530, 2500 and 2475

Last close: 4616

BAJFINANCE was seen highly volatile in last few sessions

As per technical chart…….. Stock looks weak below 4775

If there is any rise……… Can sell

Down side supports 4560, 4520 and 4475

Last close: 646.05

SUNPHARMA looks good and came nearby recent peak

Hence, Stock finding a supports 637 and 630. Can buy

Resistance 655………. Thereafter we see more rally up to 670+

Updated: 08.18 am/ 19th April 2021