15th April 2021 Hot Stocks and Stocks To Watch

Last close: 1397.15 (-2%)

Infy has reported earnings data on yesterday

The operating profit declined 2.3% sequentially to Rs 6440 crore and Revenue increased by 1.5% to Rs 26311 crore

The company said that buy-back of equity shares to open market at a price not exceeding Rs 1750 per share and amounting to Rs 9200 crore

Overall……….. Below expectation result and buy-back in open market

Let’s see technical levels

Maybe stock will open around 1330-1360 and expecting selling pressure

stock finding a support around 1305-1320………. Below the level……… more pain

Resistance 1380-1400

Last close: 630.35 (+4.3%)

JSWSTEEL looks very hot and stock surged more than 4% on last session

Stock finding a recent top around 640……… If breaks and manages above the level

Expecting further rally

Watch 640

Today’s guess stock

Stock took strong support around 401 in last 2-3 times

Now, Stock if breaks and holds below the level

Expect further weakness

Which stock ?? Guess

Updated: 08.18 am / 15th April 2021