07th July’14 Hot Calls


recltd 2

RECLTD Breakout level 380

Closely watch on 380………… Once if crossover the level

Will move 385 & 389 levels……. Thereafter 400+ will check

Keep tight stop-loss ???


reliance 1

RELIANCE Facing Resistance 1044 & 1052 levels

Can Buy around 1020 & hold for Targets

 Keep tight stop-loss 1010

Option clients hold 1040CE at 25…… Friday closed at 35



JISJALEQS (Jain irregation) now near by Strong Breakout level

Today once if crossover the level

Rally will be expected upto 5% from our alerts!!

Clients special call



LT now Ready to Big Move

  Once if cross the level……….. will move 30 to 50 points from our alerts

Which level will be break ??

Clients special call

Updated : 08.30am / 07th July’14