05th April 2021 Hot Stocks and Stocks To Watch

Last close: 1107.20 (+7.4%)

ADANIENT has broken recent top and closed above the level

Stock was climbed more than 7% on Thursday

Favored for bulls, If there is any declines can buy likes 1085 to 1105

Expected rally up to 1130 and 1155

Last close: 779.10 (+3.6%)

TATACHEM was bounced-back from recent range and stock gained 3.6% on Thursday

Looks good and if there is any declines can buy

Expected target 795…….. Once if manages above the level, Bulls action will be expected 820+

Supports 769 and 755

Today’s guess stock

Stock finding a resistance at 232

In last few sessions stock unable to cross and sustained 230

If breaks and holds above the level………. Expecting further rally

Which stock ? Guess

Updated: 08.18 am / 05th April 2021