04th March 2021 #NiftyFuture Intraday Levels

Niftyfuture last close: 15298.85 (+2.3%)

Yesterday NiftyFuture was shot up to 2.3% and was seen unexpected rally (short covering)

NF was opened 15062 and went to 15318, In last 1 hour spiked more than 100 points like a short covering

Yesterday all CE writers went to hell

While updating SGXNifty indicate a gap down like 250 points

Today all PE writers going to hell

Today weekly expiry, But traders facing a everyday expiry day because Nifty also moved 250-400 points everyday and BNF was moved 1000-1500 points

Yesterday, when our markets closed US Fut was up more than 150 points

But, Really Dow Jones fell 0.40% and Nasdaq dropped 2.7%

Nasdaq index closed below 13000

Bond market shot up to from 1.13% to 1.5%

Indian VIX fell almost 20% in last 3 sessions but today maybe shot up

Option premium is too high ahead of peak margin

FIIs and DIIs both was bought on yesterday 2088 crore and 392 crore respectively

SGXNifty indicate a huge gap down like 250 points and volatility trade during the day

Trade very carefully and do small quantity. Don’t trade aggressively market will open everyday when trend is very clear then will do aggressive trade.

Let’s see technical levels

NiftyFuture likely to open around 15100

Now, NF can be considered as supports as 15035 (Yesterday’s low), If sustains below 15035 then will try to check 14975 and 14930

NF is facing a intraday resistance 15220 (support changed to resistance), 15275 and 15320

More live market update will be sent to my clients only

Updated: 08.54 am / 04th March 2021